How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!)

How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer
How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!) –

You are on the right page if you are wondering what a nano influencer is and whether you can make a living from it. 

Influencer marketing is a relatively new industry, allowing brands to improve their marketing campaigns using online celebrities

These brands forge a partnership with nano influencers for mutual benefits, where the business gets increased product awareness and visibility while the influencer earns some dollars for their advertisements. 

Not all brands can hire the Rhodesians, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Alexa Chung to influence their social media marketing campaigns. Nano influencers come in handy to provide the needed help. 

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What Is a Nano Influencer?

Nano influencers are your regular social media users, with between 100 to 10,000 followers. You can make money as a nano influencer if you have social media fans but less than 10,000 followers. Since nano influencers have a small following, they can partner with brands to endorse products to a more specific audience

Although their following is relatively more minor than macro-influencers, nano-influencers offer significant marketing value for brands. They regularly create content for their audience, which means their small following is more loyal and active. 

Celebrity influencers with a huge following may bring star power influence, but nano influencers are more relatable. Brands have realized that consumers take nano influencers’ recommendations seriously. 

And because nano influencers focus on relatable niche topics, they resonate with their audiences, enabling them to offer deep-dive consumer targeting

How To Make Money As a Nano Influencer?

The influencer marketing industry is growing exponentially, with several social media users turning their fan base into a side hustle. You do not need hundreds of thousands of followers to start attracting brands and businesses. 

Some nano influencers charge as much as $400 for one sponsored Instagram or Twitter post. For instance, Jen Lauren, apart time lifestyle influencer with over 4900 Instagram followers and over 6,000 YouTube subscribers said to have earned over $2,000 from her YouTube AdSense

A recent report published by IZEA indicated how much influencers can earn for every sponsored post across TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The report shows that nano influencers are increasingly becoming valuable for brands since their contents are highly engaging

If you are a teenager looking for ways to make money, I wrote a whole article that I encourage you to read.

But How Can You Earn Money As a Nano Influencer?

Becoming a nano influencer is an excellent way to make money and build connections. Here are a few things you can do to make money as a nano influencer.

1- Sponsored Posts

If you have a considerable following on social media platforms, you can partner with retailers and brands and post their content on your accounts. Brands can also hire you to create and promote product content on their social media platforms and websites. 

Some nano influencers promote the products they have used and found beneficial. You do not want to advocate for a product with no real value for your audience.

Furthermore, the sponsored post should be related to your niche; otherwise, your fans will think you have sold them cheap

2- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows nano influencers to earn commissions for their marketing efforts. You are given customized product links for companies which you can include on your social media posts or videos. 

When your visitors or customers click the link from your post and make a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale. If you have a YouTube channel, you can include affiliate links in the description box and direct your audience to click on them

Brands that want to enhance their awareness and visibility can pay nano influencers to get the job done. As a nano influencer, you can earn money depending on the sales and traffic you drive from your social media platforms

You can use ShopStyle Collective to generate your affiliate links. I have found their new Collective LinkIt useful since it allows you to join the Standard Program for nano influencers. 

Affiliate marketing also benefits brands you work with since it is performance-based. They only pay you based on the number of sales or traffic coming from your social media platform

How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!)
How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!) –

3- Branded Merchandise

As a nano influencer, you can create branded goods and sell them online to create awareness and monetize your audience. This marketing strategy is ideal for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram nano influencers. It can also help brand ambassadors interested in utilizing the popularity of promotional products. 

Branded merchandise allows your followers to access unique branded products and forge a lasting relationship with you. 

Branded merchandise allows nano influencers to expand their social network and engage customers through tangible objects

4- AdSense Revenue

You probably have heard about Google AdSense if you are familiar with blogging. But did you know that you can also make money as a nano influencer from Ad Revenue? 

You can monetize your content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, allowing you to earn from commercials running on your account. When your audience views or clicks the advert, you make a certain percentage of the advertising fee.

5- Downloadables And e-books

Nano influencers are content creators, meaning you can publish unique and original posts for your audience. These valuable contents you can compile into an e-book that can be sold at a profit. 

Therefore, a simple way to make money as a nano influencer is to charge a fee for every downloadable content. 

Interestingly data from Statista shows that e-books revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.38% from 2022-2027. The projection indicates that the e-book market volume will be $16.08 billion by 2027. 

User penetration is also expected to rise from 12.3% in 2022 to 14.1% by 2027, and every user is projected to generate $14.57. 

These data show that converting your content into an e-book can prove profitable, especially if your niche has a high demand for original information. 

6- Organize Workshops And Digital Courses

Besides e-books, you can also offer your audience workshop and digital courses at a reasonable fee

You can succeed with premium digital courses by providing your audience with content on specific topics. For instance, fitness influencers can create unique and explicit fitness content and share the package across all social media platforms

Paid digital workshops and courses can help you to monetize your audience. If the classes or workshops you sell are top-notch and valuable to your fans, they will likely buy

7- Collaborate With Brands

As a nano influencer, you can work with a brand to help them develop new products. This method of earning money is suitable for beauty influencers helping a brand to launch a new product

The collaboration enables the influencer to get part of the revenue from the product depending on the agreement. You can look for upcoming brands in your niche and pitch to be their nano influencer. 

Note: It may be challenging to get established brands to collaborate with as micro-influencers, but consistently, you can land some well-paying clients

Now let’s briefly discuss how to improve your content and engagement rate as a nano influencer. 

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Basics Of Earning Money As a Nano Influencer

You may have several ways to make money as an influencer; however, it does not mean it is an easy process.

Consider some valuable tips to help you make the right moves toward generating income as a nano influencer. 

1- Find a Suitable Niche

Finding your niche is the first thing you want to do as an influencer. It could range from fitness to cooking.

Ensure you choose a niche you are passionate about; otherwise, you will get bored fast and quit before generating revenue

2- Tell Your Story

If you are not good at story-telling, you may not succeed as an influencer. Find a story and make it captivating. Ensure all your social media platform tell a story from the posts you make and the pictures you post. 

For example, a tennis player who loves to cook and travel should have social media posts showing them doing these things. If people identify with your story, they will become your loyal followers. 

How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!)
How to Make Money as a Nano Influencer? (Best tips!) –

3- Be Regular And Consistent With Your Posting

Consistency is vital in everything if you hope for success. Your audience will likely trust you as an expert if you post consistently. YouTube and other social media sites reward consistency by pushing your content to potential subscribers and followers. 

You can also run a Facebook or Instagram Live to generate anticipation and encourage your followers to look for what is coming next. 

Additionally, consistency makes you a professional who has invested time and energy in the craft

4- Ensure The Content Is Top-Notch

You should ensure your content is thoughtful and well-researched before you publish. Well-paying brands will not want to associate with cheap and rushed content. 

Producing high-quality content is especially valuable for an influencer monetizing their content. You want to generate content that tells potential collaborators and brands that you are their influencer. 

Companies should see that you are an asset to their digital marketing strategy, and the audience should anticipate excellent treats from every post. 

Furthermore, your content should be engaging. Brands often attract influencers who can promote them in the most authentic way possible

5- Join Relevant Networks

No business can succeed alone. You want to join a relevant influencer network to gain insight into the market.

You can access affiliate links from these networks and exchange ideas with successful influencers.

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Final Thoughts

You do not need to amass hundreds of thousands of followers to start earning money as an influencer. You can begin as a nano influencer with less than 10,000 followers and pitch for brands. 

Following our tips, working hard to create quality content increases your fan base and revenue. 

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