Is Amazon KDP Worth It? (Including its pros and cons!)

Is Amazon KDP Worth It
Is Amazon KDP Worth It

Recently, I have been interested in starting an Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) business. I watched many YouTube videos to learn more and researched a lot about it.

I found self-publishing books through Amazon KDP to be an attractive prospect. After all, what could be better than having your work available to millions of potential readers right at their fingertips?

But I wonder, is Amazon KDP worth it? Amazon KDP is worth it and can be an excellent additional source of online income, as you can make thousands of dollars monthly. But to succeed on the Kindle Store, you must pick a profitable and low-competition niche. Additionally, you should learn to market your books to gain visibility and differentiate competition effectively.

Read on to learn everything you need to know before starting your Amazon KDP business.

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What Is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, allowing authors to publish their books directly on the Amazon platform without needing a third-party publisher. This makes it particularly appealing to independent authors who don’t want to go through the traditional publishing process.

KDP lets you self-publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books for free. It instantly gives you direct access to millions of readers and allows you to design a product detail page for your book.

With Amazon KDP, you can upload your book in any format and make it available for sale within 24 hours of submission. You also have access to extensive tools that allow you to control pricing, track sales, and get detailed insights into customer behavior.

Common books published through Amazon KDP include:

  • Novels
  • Cookbooks
  • Book Series
  • Comics
  • Children’s Books
  • Poetry
  • Journals
  • Textbooks

The Pros of Using Amazon KDP

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using Amazon KDP is that you have access to one of the largest markets in the world. Millions of people shop on Amazon daily, so there is a good chance they will find your book while browsing.

Additionally, Amazon provides plenty of promotional opportunities such as discounts, giveaways, and free eBook promotions, which can help boost sales.

Additionally, Amazon makes it easy for authors to set up their own author page, allowing them to connect directly with readers. And since Kindle books can be read on multiple devices, readers don’t need to purchase a specific device to enjoy your book.

Furthermore, Amazon also offers tools that make self-publishing easier than ever before. From cover creation services and promotional tools to detailed analytics and global distribution options, authors have access to everything they need in one place. Plus, authors keep more of their earnings with competitive royalty rates and no upfront costs or fees.

Finally, if you decide to become an exclusive member with them, meaning that you only sell books through their platform, you will receive 70 percent royalties on all sales in selected countries as opposed to 35 percent from non-exclusive members. (Source: Amazon KDP)

Moreover, another pro of using Amazon KDP is that it has low entry costs and no inventory required. To start an Amazon KDP, you only need a well-written manuscript, a low-content or no-content book, and a well-designed and exciting cover.

Amazon is known to be the world’s largest online marketplace, with millions of readers already searching for different books, mainly if you are skilled and have written good listings.

Additionally, Amazon KPD does not require inventory. If you want a physical copy of your book, you can order physical copies, which will be delivered to you.

Is Amazon KDP Worth It
Amazon Kindle Reader

The Cons of Using Amazon KDP

One potential downside of using Amazon KDP is that while they offer great opportunities for exposure, they also come with a certain level of competition, specifically regarding pricing. With so many books available on Kindle platforms, authors must be willing and able to price their work competitively to stand out from the crowd.

Another disadvantage of using Amazon KDP is joining the KDP Select program, which reduces the exposure your eBook will receive because of the exclusivity clause. For example, EBook buyers loyal to Apple Books or Barnes and Noble’s Nook readers will not be exposed to your ebooks

Furthermore, authors also need to consider that there are some territories where Kindle books aren’t available, meaning those potential readers won’t be able to purchase your book even if they want to.

Finally, while there are no upfront costs associated with publishing through Amazon KDP, certain services, such as Amazon PPC, can come at an additional cost.

How Much Do KDP Authors Make?

You can earn about 70 percent royalties on your book if you publish with the KDP Select program and 35 percent otherwise. The good news is that you get paid royalties every month. Another thing I like about Amazon KDP is that it can be an excellent source of passive income if done correctly.

However, to find success on Amazon KDP, it is essential to select your KDP niche properly. More importantly, you need to understand the Amazon platform to achieve a good number of sales. This means understanding keywords and SEO within Amazon and using other marketing forms, such as social media and digital marketing.

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So, Is Amazon KDP Worth It?

All things considered, Amazon KDP is worth considering if you want to generate additional income through self-publishing. With Amazon marketplace’s vast reach and generous royalties program, there are plenty of advantages to using Amazon KDP.

More importantly, if used correctly and strategically, Amazon KDP could be just what you need to launch your new publishing business. With access to an immense audience and plenty of tools designed specifically for authors’ needs, Kindle Direct Publishing could be beneficial for those looking for greater online visibility.

I suggest you research your potential niche and learn how to advertise on Amazon to increase your product visibility and stand out from the competition.


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