5 Tools for Conducting Product Research on Amazon FBA

Tools for Conducting Product Research on Amazon FBA
Tools for Conducting Product Research on Amazon FBA

Most experts stress that the best way to make huge profits selling on Amazon is to conduct market evaluation and sell the ideal items. 

But finding profitable products to sell on your Amazon FBA store is no rocket science. You don’t have to experiment with several items to discover the most popular products on Amazon. You can evaluate data, trends, and other sales metrics with relevant tools to arrive at an ideal shortlist. 

Theentrepreneurjourney.com takes a deep dive online to present you with the best Amazon product research tools you can adopt at your store to build your inventory. 

What is Amazon FBA Product Research?

Amazon product research involves collecting, reviewing, and analyzing marketplace data to identify profitable, low-competition, and low-cost products. 

The idea is to get the best places to buy products cheaply and sell them at competitive prices on Amazon for a profit. And by cheap, I don’t mean low-quality products. Quality is non-negotiable at Amazon; otherwise, expect negative reviews and low sales.  

The Importance of Amazon Product Research

Product research helps you find the ideal products to jumpstart your Amazon store. A perfect store design and eye-catching logo but with the wrong products don’t work anymore. Customers are looking for trendy items that address their needs at considerably reasonable prices. 

In your product research, you will list the most profitable products on Amazon and then dig deep to see if they have enough demand. It is time-consuming but worth it because you don’t want to sell items no one is looking for. 

Fortunately, Amazon product research tools will highlight useful statistics like reviews, sales, and keyword search volume to help you make an informed decision. Now come to the juicy part of this blog post – the tools. 

The Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Here are the most popular product research tools for your Amazon FBA store. 

1- Helium 10 

If you are looking for the most powerful, convenient, and accurate Amazon product research tool, look no further than Helium 10. I used other software in the past, but since I began using this tool, I’ve had nothing but respect for its developers. 

With Helium 10, you get more product ideas and insight into their performance than any other tool. Besides product ideas, you can estimate sales and profits, check customer reviews and trends, and analyze your competitors’ product listings through reverse engineering. 

Helium is popular among most 7 to 8-figure Amazon FBA sellers. So, don’t invent the wheel; this tool is one of the best, if not the best. 

Pros Of Choosing Helium 10

  • Free trial plan to test its benefits
  • Limited errors
  • Easy research with keyword data
  • Ability to spy on the completion to help you avoid high-competition niches
  • In-depth sales insight

Cons Of Choosing Helium 10:

  • Limited free plan
  • It is complex for beginners. 

Helium 10 will help you find profitable products, demonstrate how to rank them, and show you how they will perform against the competition. I love Helium 10 product research tool because the moment I got the hang of it, my Amazon store grew tremendously. 

I could complete all research processes like Keyword research→ Product validation→ Profit calculations→ Review checks→ Competitor comparison in one place. And $37 per month is an excellent bargain for what I get. 

2- Seller App

While I’m a fan of Helium 10, I can’t fail to mention Seller App as a powerful product research tool. It is your all-in-one software if you want more than product research. 

With this tool, even beginner Amazon sellers can become product research ninjas because of its smarter shortcuts, user-friendly features, and product insights. 

And while it offers three different membership tiers, you can begin with the basic Pro-Lite and benefit from features like:

  • Keyword research and tracking
  • PPC analyzer
  • Index checker
  • Product research and trends

The 7-day free trial period allows you to test its efficiency before you commit to a suitable plan. Now let’s talk about its value as a market research tool. 

With over 300 million daily data points, Seller App has an advanced product intelligence feature that can help you to uncover highly demanded products with low competition. You get in-depth analytics, including revenue estimates, ratings, and reviews. 

Seller App also has over 135 million keyword databases, helping you improve your product listing SEO and discoverability. 

Pros Of Choosing Seller App:

  • Complete access to a wealth of data about Amazon products
  • Competitor product analysis helps you identify gaps in the market and find opportunities.
  • It helps sellers identify underserved profitable niches on Amazon. 
  • It helps sellers validate their product ideas by analyzing sales data, customer reviews, and other factors. 
  • Improved sales performance

Cons Of Choosing Seller App:

  • The free trial version has limited features
  • It over relies on data which is only one part of the equation. 
  • It may need to provide more crucial information, such as the quality of the product, supplier reliability, or product defects.

3- Jungle Scout

Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur didn’t feature Jungle Scout as one of the best Amazon product research tools for no good reason. 

Big brands like Intel., HP, and FedEx trust this platform from their Amazon store because it is fantastic. With Jungle Scout, you will know the hottest Amazon product now. 

You can add its Chrome extension to your browser or use it from the web to do the following:

  • Filter product performance into categories such as sales rank and revenue. 
  • Use the inbuilt FBA profit calculator. 
  • Mix and match product filters to narrow down the ideal combo. 
  • Product research on global Amazon marketplaces. 

With three options, Jungle Scout covers new sellers, existing sellers, and large brands. 

So if you just launched an Amazon store and want to start on high, you can use the Opportunity Finder tool to discover low-competition and high-demand profitable products in your niche.  

You can also use its Product Tracker to know seasonal and year-round products. Moreover, you can do a deep filter to understand best seller rank, ratings, reviews, historical sales, etc. 

Jungle Scout also has many training resources from its Academy to help you become a 7 or 8-figure Amazon seller. 

Pros Of Choosing Jungle Scout:

  • Beginner friendly
  • 7-day free trial 
  • Accurate Sales Data.
  • It allows you to analyze niches and identify profitable opportunities.
  • It provides comprehensive products analysis
  • It is a powerful keyword research tool.

Cons Of Choosing Jungle Scout:

  • It can be expensive for newer or smaller sellers without the monthly subscription budget.
  • Some users have reported inaccuracies in the sales data.
  • Changes to Amazon’s policies or data can impact the accuracy and usefulness of its information.

4- AMZScout

Every new Amazon seller should have AMZScout as their product research tool to help them learn the rope without spending a fortune. 

It is valuable for new sellers who want to penetrate niche markets and avoid stiff competition. With AMZScout, you can identify important trends or niches that are getting excellent traction and which sellers are also surveying the niche. 

Once you understand these parameters, you can plan accordingly. AMZScout helps beginners who may not know how to do product research to become proficient sellers and make money with Amazon FBA

It is an excellent place to start if you have low investment, but in the end, you’ll have to upgrade to a better Amazon product research tool if you want higher revenue. Some popular Amazon sellers started with AMZScout before investing top dollar in advanced tools. 

Pros Of Choosing AMZScout:

  • Beginner friendly
  • It has a free plan and a cheap entry-level plan
  • You can track your competitors and analyze their sales, pricing, and marketing strategies.
  • It provides resources and tools to help you launch new products on Amazon.
  • It supports multiple Amazon marketplaces, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, and Japan.

Cons Of Choosing AMZScout:

  • It is as advanced and powerful as other tools like H10
  • No supplier services

5. Viral Launch

Global high-level Amazon sellers can benefit from Viral Launch, helping them plan product launches, monitor the market, and run successful ad campaigns. 

It has similar features to H10, although not as accurate or usable. And because you can use it in 8 international markets, you can use it in places where other tools are unavailable. 

However, I would not recommend it for beginners or intermediate Amazon sellers. Viral Launch acts like a mole in the Amazon marketplace, observing market trends and relaying them to you before others discover them. 

Pros Of Choosing Viral Launch:

  • It is available to non-US markets 
  • It provides expert market intelligence
  • Smooth and user-friendly interface
  • Excellent for running marketing campaigns. 

Cons Of Choosing Viral Launch:

  • No beginner plan
  • Some features aren’t related to product research. 
Tools for Conducting Product Research on Amazon FBA
Tools for Conducting Product Research on Amazon FBA

What Is The Best Amazon Product Research Tool?

If you are serious about scaling your Amazon business from a few thousand to 7-figure revenue, Helium 10 will do a great job. While it costs more than most Amazon product research tools, it provides reliable data to help you stock your shop with profitable items. 

But if you’re unsure about spending on Helium 10, you can start with simple, cheap, and easy-to-use tools like Jungle Scout or Seller App. 

What if you want a free tool to help you learn how these tools work before investing? In that case, AMZScout is the best option. 

Note: Regardless of your chosen tool, you will only see the desired result if you work. There is no magic wand to help you boost your sales and profits. So don’t say, “Oh, I invested, and it didn’t work!” when you get lazy. 

All the best!


What Is The Best Amazon Product Research Tool?

I will pick Helium 10 as the best Amazon product research tool. Most elite Amazon sellers love it because it is comprehensive, and if used well, it can boost your Amazon sales to new heights quickly. 

How Can I Conduct Product Research on Amazon?

This is how you do product research on Amazon:

  • Find a product with a fair profit margin 
  • The product should be in the low to a medium-competition niche.
  • Check its customer reviews from your competitors’ store
  • Conduct keyword research to ensure many people are searching for it
  • Find a reliable supplier and start selling

Which Amazon Products Research Tool is Best For Keyword Research?

The best tools for Amazon keyword research include Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium 10, and ZonGuru. 

How Do I Find Product Ideas From Amazon?

Here is how to get my products ideas from Amazon that worked well as a beginner:

  • Set realistic criteria for weight. Price profit margin and storage cost
  • Start with small, light, and durable products
  • Start with a product that costs $50 or less
  • Investigate the Amazon Best Seller page to find a sub-category that matches your criteria. 

What Products Are in High Demand on Amazon?

The most popular and highly demanded products on Amazon include 

  • Home Improvement
  • Sports and outdoor equipment
  • Electronics and accessories
  • Self-care
  • Home and Garden
  • Baby Care


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