9 Ways To Make Money Online as a Translator (How to get started and where to find gigs!)

Are you a master of many languages but broke? You can tap into your multilingual skills and generate a decent income online. 

Ever since the start of globalization, the demand for language skills has kept rising. Multinational organizations and corporations need to reach a wider market in different countries; to do so; they need translators. 

These corporations often hire translators to work on their websites, articles, press releases, speeches, contracts, product descriptions, etc.  

This blog highlights various ways to make money online as a translator. You will also learn various tips to improve your translation skills. 

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9 Ways To Make Money Online as a Translator (How to get started and where to find gigs!)
9 Ways To Make Money Online as a Translator (How to get started and where to find gigs!) – theentrepreneurjourney.com

Can You Work Online As a Translator?

One can make money working as an online translator. Authors need translators to reach a wider audience across the globe. You can offer your language skills online to thousands of companies and authors who want their content to appeal to international customers. 

If you want to make money faster online, offer your translation skills to clients. Although there is much translation software, the machine cannot do what humans can do. Translators are needed to put a personal touch on the content to appeal to the audience. 

Software like Google translate also does not translate context; however, as a translator, you understand the article’s sentence structure and intent.

Even companies like Netflix are looking for translators.

Ways To Make Money Online As a Translator 

Consider some practical ways to use your bilingual skills to make money online. 

1- Translate Blogs

Several international organizations and corporations run blogs in different languages. But because they want to reach a wider audience of different nationalities, they hire translators. 

These corporations are looking for natives or translators who understand the language. You will also need other writing skills to give you an edge in the market, including SEO skills.

Translators help to put meaning to pieces they translate. So, do you have good blogging skills? Offer your translation services to others. 

2- Translate Web Content

Corporations often use various translation software to translate their websites, allowing visitors to switch to a language they understand.

However, they need your services to proofread and edit these contents to make them relatable to their international audiences. 

3- Speech Translation

Entrepreneurs with business overseers are sometimes called to deliver speeches internationally.

They often hire online translators to add meaning to their speech and make it understandable to the target audience. 

4- Translating Reviews

International corporations often publish reviews to educate customers on certain aspects of their products.

They will undoubtedly need your services to make these reviews understandable. 

5- Translating Product Description 

Customers rely on the product description to make a purchasing decision. However, customers cannot benefit from product descriptions if they are in a language they do not understand.

You can use your bilingual skills to make money online by translating product descriptions.

6- Translate Travel Guides

People from all walks of life love traveling, and they may need a travel guide in a language they understand.

Tourism companies look for freelance translators to do this work for them. Your skills can come in handy, allowing you to make money online wherever you are. 

7- Translating Royalties

Are you confident in your linguistic abilities? You can make money by translating a book online. You can agree with the writer to earn translation royalties, allowing you to receive a percentage of the sale on every book sold. 

Although getting a client can be challenging since most writers do not trust others with their work, it is good to be proactive. The pay is worth the struggle it takes to get that job. So, keep going and pitch for clients. 

8- Live Translation Jobs

The market for real-time translators is booming. International business, police departments, and several organizations are looking for fluent foreign language speakers to join them online and translate or interpret interviews or business meetings. 

You can use your skills to make money even if you are not in the same location as where the meeting is held. You will be given a Zoom address and join the call for a real-time translation. 

If you prefer live online translation, specialize in your field. The more specialized your translation skills are, the higher you can charge for your services. Why not set up a website to showcase your skills?

9- Sell Translated Pieces

If you have already translated documents or articles that people or corporations could be for, you can make money by selling the theme of these pieces.

Although most translators want existing articles to translate, you can differentiate yourself by creating content in a foreign language and selling them to clients who want to build their websites.

You can translate reports, poems, short stories, songs, glossaries, and classical texts. If copyright laws do not protect the text, you can publish it in an eBook and sell it online. 

There are many avenues to make money online as a translator, but what are some platforms you can solicit these gigs?

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Platforms For Freelance Translators

Freelance platforms provide you with easy ways to land an online translation job. The platforms act as a bridge between freelance translators and clients needing translation services. 

You create your profile on these platforms showcasing your skills and pitch for available jobs. The platform takes a certain percentage of your earnings as a commission but is an ideal way of getting started and meeting new clients.

Here are some platforms you can register with.

1- Fiverr

Fiverr is an ideal freelancing platform for beginners and experienced translators. With over 14 million users, Fiverr is a huge market to provide you with translation gigs. 

The platform allows you to create a profile showing your translation skills. You can optimize your profile by including self-explanatory gigs and compelling opening statements. 

Fiver also allows you to include gig video to increase your chances of landing a client. The video can showcase the languages you translate and the reviews from other clients you have worked with. 

You will sometimes need to pitch for high-paying jobs, but once you get started, you will find more jobs and attract new clients. 

Check how other translators charge their work and use that information as a benchmark for your gigs. Although some beginners charge low prices, you can charge higher if you are fluent and have experience with translation. 

2- Upwork

Upwork is probably one of the largest freelancing platforms, with millions of users across the globe. Like Fiverr, it allows you to create a profile and choose the services you offer

You can then bid for jobs you qualify for and convince your clients of your prowess or samples. 

Upwork allows you to negotiate pricing with your clients, and once the order is paid, the platform charges a certain percentage as commission. It is ideal for beginners with experience and pays more than Fiverr.

Once clients give you sterling reviews for a job well done, other clients will see that and order from you. As you continue working on the platform, your ratings will increase, allowing you to charge higher for your translation services. 

3- PeoplePerHour.com

Are you looking to land your first translation job immediately after your profile and gigs go live? PeoplePerHour could be an ideal choice.

Unlike Fiverr and Upwork, where you may need to wait for some time until you get a job that suits your skills, PeoplePerHour has a section for urgent jobs, allowing you to apply for work in minutes

4- Fairlingo

Fairlingo is another translation platform allowing you to create a profile and answer bio-related questions about the language you want to translate. You will not do an upfront assignment; however, you can be kicked out if your quality is low. 

Since work is handed to you on a first come, first serve basis, you want to regularly refresh to see if there is any work and immediately apply for it.

Fairlingo allows you to use its engine to translate, but it does not have an automatic spellchecker. 

The platform’s timing and deadlines are favorable. Once you have an assignment, the platform requires you to deliver 1250 words within 24 hours. If the materials are long, the platform will allocate the next 1250 words to the next 24 hours.   

Clients with short and urgent jobs often prefer this platform, and as a translator, you can be aggressive to grab them to your bucket.

5- Gengo

This freelancing platform provides you with the first multiple-choice filter, and if you pass, you will be requested to provide a translation test before you are admitted as a standard translator. 

Additionally, you will be given another test to unlock the Pro jobs, which pay higher than the standard ones. This test will also open edit jobs, allowing you to revise Pro or Standard translators’ work. 

The Pro jobs may be tough, but they pay well. Therefore, keep trying and improving your translation skills to qualify for this status.

Gengo has an online forum that allows translators to express their frustration with the platform in public. The platform does not censure or restrict criticism; they take it positively and make needed adjustments. 

Wrapping Up

If you speak at least two languages fluently, use that skill to make money online. You can even make it your aim to perfect a language you are not good at and use it to make money online. 

Several corporations and individuals are looking for your services right now and are ready to pay you. So, roll up your sleeves and grab these opportunities hanging on your laptop today.  


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