Where Are Vending Machines Most Profitable?

Where Are Vending Machines Most Profitable
Vending Machines Located in a Nursing Home

I am considering installing vending machines and have wondered where vending machines are most profitable. The global vending machine market will increase to $25.25 billion by 2027.

Nowadays, vending machines are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, making it easy for businesses to sell various products without having to staff a physical store. But not all locations are created equal regarding vending machine profitability.

If you’re considering investing in a vending machine business, you’ll want to know the best places to place your machines for maximum profits. The truth is that your success depends on where you put your vending machines.

Read on to find out the 3 places where vending machines can be highly profitable. You might also enjoy reading: Is Online Vending Machine Good For Passive Income? (Yes, and here’s why!)

Most Profitable Places To Position Your Vending Machines

The success of owning a vending machine business depends on choosing the perfect location. Below are the most profitable locations for vending machines.

1- Office Buildings

Office buildings are a great place to start when it comes to finding profitable vending machine locations. Generally, businesses with more than 50 are great locations for vending machines.

People who work in offices often don’t have time to go out and get food or snacks so they will turn to vending machines as an easy and convenient solution.

This makes office buildings an ideal location for vending machines because people will frequently use them, and the profit margin is high due to the lack of competition from other vendors in that area.

2- Schools

Schools are another great place for vending machines because students often don’t have access to their own money or transportation, so they rely on vending machines for snacks and drinks during the school day.

Schools are among my favorite locations for placing vending machines. You must also load your machines with healthy products because parents and administrators prefer better choices than chips, sodas, or cupcakes throughout the day.

The profit margins here can also be quite high since there is usually limited competition in this market segment. Additionally, schools typically offer lower maintenance costs because there are fewer people coming in and out of the building each day than in other public areas like malls or airports.

3- College Dorms

College dorms are also excellent locations for vending machines. Generally, students stay up late and don’t usually want to be out of their favorite snacks while completing their assignments or when hanging out with friends.

Vending machines offer an excellent alternative, mainly if they accept debit cards, credit cards, or even school meal plan cards.

4- Hospitals

Hospitals are open 24/7, 365 days a year, offering three very distinct types of buyers: 

  • Vending can give patients a nice treat and a break from traditional food
  • Hospital employees love the convenience as they also don’t have sufficient time to leave the facility to go to restaurants.
  • Visitors caring for their loved ones often rely on vending machines for quick snacks

If you choose to put our vending machine at a hospital, ensure you load it with healthy, organic food, as most people at a Hospital are health conscious. 

5- Gyms And Large Apartment Complexes 

Large apartment complexes are among the most profitable locations for vending machines. Putting your vending machine in laundry rooms, common areas, party spaces, or gyms will increase profitability.

Gyms and fitness centers are excellent locations for vending machines offering healthy snacks and drinks to help people refuel after working up a sweat.

6- Airports

Airports are also great places for vending machines because travelers often need quick access to food or drink while on the go. The challenge with airports is that there is more competition from other vendors, which can lead to lower profits if not managed correctly.

However, suppose you manage your pricing correctly and ensure that your products are competitively priced compared to others in the area. In that case, you should also be able to make a decent profit from airport vending machines.

7- Manufacturing Or Distribution Buildings

Factories, manufacturing buildings, and distribution centers are among the most profitable locations for vending machines.

These businesses typically engage hundreds of people over multiple shifts (generally 24 hours and seven days per week).

In addition, many establishments offer short breaks, and staff doesn’t typically have enough time to go off-site to a restaurant.

Putting your vending machines in the break room provides more accessible alternatives and increases your income earned by the vending machines.

8- Hotels

Even though most hotels have a restaurant, most hotel guests sometimes don’t want a full meal or a small snack outside service hours.

However, the profitability of your vending machine depends on where you place them because, generally, guests don’t want to go to the lobby just to grab a snack.

Place your vending machines on each floor, and close the pool and the lobby for maximum revenue. And ensure they are fully loaded before weekends and during holidays.

9- Beaches or Resorts

Everyone loves to go to the beach to unwind. However, spending time under the sun while playing, reading or playing can make someone thirsty.

A vending machine that provides customers with healthy, delicious, refreshing drinks can be an excellent option.

While enjoying the beach, people will be reluctant to head out for a quick bite when hungry, making a vending machine a convenient choice for hungry customers.

10- RV Parks and Amusement Parks

RV or Recreation Vehicle parks are ideal for you to place a vending machine because people with RVs generally park overnight or longer.

In addition, people going to these locations usually arrive hungry and often won’t know the local eating alternatives. So, vending machines can provide them with a range of snack choices.

While amusement parks are an enjoyable getaway for families, they are also great places to position vending machines.

Place your vending machines near restrooms and the most popular stands to maximize profit.

11- Nursing Homes or Care Facilities

Similar to hospitals, nursing homes are generally open 24 hours and 365 days. Residents will enjoy the variety of snacks and food choices offered by a vending machine.

In addition, nursing home residents generally have visitors who will also turn to vending machines for a quick meal while spending quality time with their loved ones.

Moreover, most nursing home care employees generally work longer shifts and have short breaks, making vending machines a perfect opportunity to energize them throughout their shifts.

A friend of mine asked me to cover a shift at a nursing home a while back, and I remember wishing there was a vending machine.

What To Look For When Choosing a Location For Your Vending Machines?

Choosing a location for your vending machines can be challenging; here is what you should look for when choosing a location for your vending machines.

1- High Traffic Areas

The most important factor in determining where to place your vending machines is finding an area with high foot traffic. This could be an office lobby, a shopping center, or even an airport – anywhere people are likely to pass by and have some spare change or time on their hands.

High traffic areas like office lobbies and shopping centers will give your vending machine business the best chance at success.

Placing your vending machines in these locations means you can benefit from impulse purchases, as customers will be more likely to buy something if they don’t have to make a special trip out of it.

2- Location-Specific Items

Another factor to consider when deciding where to put your vending machines is what type of items you plan on selling.

For example, if you’re looking into selling snacks and drinks, then placing them near gyms or recreation centers would make sense because people there will be looking for quick energy boosts after their workout.

Similarly, placing them near stadiums or arenas would be ideal if you plan on selling beverages like beer or wine since patrons attending events there would be looking for refreshments at half-time.

Location-specific items like snacks near gyms or beverages near stadiums will also help maximize efficiency and profits.

3- Local Regulations

It’s also important to consider local regulations before setting up any vending machines. Some municipalities may require permits or other paperwork before allowing someone to set up a shop in a particular area.

Hence, it’s always best to check with local authorities before making any major investments. Additionally, some areas may restrict what kind of items can and cannot be sold from vending machines, so make sure you’re familiar with any restrictions that may apply in the area you intend to set up shop.

It is extremely important to consider any local regulations that may apply before setting up your vending machines. I suggest you do your due diligence by calling the local authorities.

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Final Thoughts

Vending machines can be incredibly profitable if placed in the right locations. Office buildings, beaches or resorts, schools, airports, and other recreational facilities are some of the most lucrative spots for placing these devices as they offer a steady stream of customers who often don’t have access to other food or drink sources nearby.

It pays off in terms of profits if you research beforehand and consider all factors before placing any new device into service!


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