Is Blogging Still Popular? The Answer Is Yes, And Here Is Why

Do you find yourself asking the same question as some people about whether or not blogging is dead? If so, this is the right page to get an accurate answer. People are wondering if blogging is still relevant and if there is any need to spend time and money on it.

So, is blogging still popular? Blogging is still useful and popular. In fact, according to statistics, there is a continuous increase in the number of bloggers – blogging is here to stay and is not going anywhere soon. This discussion will consider the relevancy and popularity of blogging today and why that is so.

Read on to find out why blogging is still a good opportunity to make money and how to get started and avoid failing as a blogger. You might also enjoy reading: Top 8 Blogging Niches With High Search Volumes And Low Competition.

Is Blogging Still Popular? The Answer Is Yes, And Here Is Why
Is Blogging Still Popular? The Answer Is Yes, And Here Is Why –

People Still Read Blogs

Someone may ask, “Do people still read blogs?” They do and for various reasons. People are searching for solutions to their problems, and blogs are one of the best sources of such solutions. Blogging can take varying content formats from written material, audio or video and can be used to educate, sensitize, advocate, offer support, or sell a product/service. 

Claims like blogging are no longer profitable, has become too competitive, social media has killed it, and people don’t read blogs anymore are false. Below are some reasons why many still read blogs today:

  • To get answers to their questions
  • To learn something new by following along with a detailed guide
  • To seek advice about an issue from a forum or comments section of a blog
  • To find appropriate news, updates, and information about what’s happening
  • To follow through with experts’ or influencers’ teachings for a particular niche
  • To determine whether or not to purchase a product or service they’re thinking about
  • To link up with other like-minded persons and take part in an online community
  • To understand a new product or service better and learn how to use it

Why Blogging is Still Popular

According to statistics from FinancesOnline, in the US, over 32 million people (about 10% of the population) were found to be bloggers. The number increased by 4.3 million between 2014 and 2020.

So, no blogging is dead. It is still very popular, and here are the reasons:

1- Blogging is Still Profitable

Is your hope to start a blogging business to make decent money online? Blogging is still a great opportunity to earn good cash, especially for those willing to put in the work and do things the right way. 

You can work as a blogger full-time or part-time and pay $2,500 monthly, depending on your niche, how you decide to monetize your blog, and how much traffic you get to your blog. Reports about blogging incomes show that it’s still profitable and will remain so.

This is because it has become cheaper to start and run a blog. There is also an increase in Ad revenue, the number of affiliate programs, and better tools to help one make money, contributing to its profitability. 

2- The Content Marketing Industry is Expanding

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing that relies on valuable and pertinent content to market products and services. Production of e-books, email newsletters, blog content, social media posts, and videos and using them to drive traffic is part of content marketing. 

The industry has been growing rapidly, and the opportunities it creates are getting bigger the more people adopt things like digital marketing. Most marketers have been found to prefer blogging as part of their content marketing, giving the industry good prospects for continual growth. 

Some of the reasons why the industry will continue to grow include; – the increase in digital Ad usage, more people getting online, the rise of e-commerce, and better outcomes with content marketing. 

Content marketing is effective because it provides targeted customers, it’s vital for building trust and loyalty, and people can act immediately.

The more companies realize the potential of content marketing, the more they invest in it, and the better it is for bloggers.

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3- More Restrictions and Regulations in Major Online Platforms

Online platforms like social media networks have grown popular in the past years, and many businesses have used them for marketing. Several people rely on such channels as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok for their businesses to thrive. 

However, such platforms have recently witnessed a high level of regulation and increased restrictions. That means that individuals and companies risk losing their grip and all they’ve built over the years, including engagements, visitors, and income.

Many who have discovered that trend have begun opting for their own websites and blogs to market their businesses and reduce the risk of loss from those major online platforms. The advantage of blogging is that it can protect your business from such restrictions. 

As a blogger, you can create a platform you can control, evade being enslaved to rules and regulations, and become more diversified. Unlike social media platforms, a blog helps you with various ways of making money and generating traffic. 

4- The Demand for Quality Content is High

While a huge amount of content is released daily, quality content is still needed. Blogging has gotten competitive, but much of the online content isn’t enough to satisfy the readers’ desires. 

Some are of poor quality and do not attract visitors’ attention, meaning they quickly skim through and exit the page. And that can be a good opportunity for someone who can craft something engaging and interesting.

You can use the below suggestions to create content that will stand out and make visitors stay on the site:

  • Articles that provide value– Don’t just write about anything, but what people want to read and can address their specific needs. Make your blogs relevant to the time when they are formed. You can use a keyword search tool to get keywords and questions people search for in Google and other engines.
  • Formatting your blogs. Proper formatting enables visitors to find what they need easily. Use appropriate font and spacing for the article’s headings, subheadings, and body. Readable and scannable fonts are a treasure when composing your content. You can use varying colors to help bring out key points.
  • Check on grammatical errors. Readers can get pissed off immediately if they see your article’s major or even minor grammatical errors and syntax issues. Ensure you proofread your work before posting it online to correct such mistakes. You can use tools like Grammarly to help you catch those errors. 
  • Use high-quality images or graphics. If you decide to include images and other graphics like GIFs, ensure they’re catchy and high-quality. They should also be appropriate to the topic you’re writing about and easily relatable. 
  • The headline, introduction, and conclusion matter. What your audience will see first that will help determine whether the material is worth reading is the heading – make it attractive! Your introduction should be stimulating and motivate your visitors to want to indulge more in the content. Finally, as you conclude, write a compelling Call to Action (CTA) that will make them want to come back again. 
  • Do not forget that quality supersedes quality. It’s not about how many articles you write but how valuable they are to your readers. One well-written blog can drive more traffic to your site than several ones that are poorly crafted. High-quality, unique content will go a long way to getting results. Remember, originality is vital for content to stand out!

5- Blogging Can Act as a Great Content Hub

In today’s competitive world full of various social media networks that can be a threat to blogging, you need to be a content producer instead of just a writer. Your blog needs to be more than a traditional blog – it should be a content hub. 

And that’s why you need to include varying content types in your blog. Doing so has benefits like improving communication, user experience, increased traffic, and higher conversion rates. A blog acts as a great content hub because:

  • You can incorporate various content types into it. Some blogging platforms like WordPress now use plugins that can easily house content types like images, sounds, maps, and videos. You can embed images easily in your blog posts and create slideshows and galleries. The same is possible with YouTube videos and content from social media.
  • You can easily convert blog content into other content types. Today, you can create YouTube videos, podcasts, or social media posts from your blog content and link them back to it to drive traffic. Several tools help you turn those blog posts into audio, videos, and infographics. 
  • You can utilize technology to share your content on various platforms. Some tools and services make sharing content easy. You can integrate these into blogs and get them automatically shared on social media platforms whenever someone clicks on those “share buttons.”

Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

Not creating high-quality and engaging content is one of the main reasons many blogs fail. One of the reasons why bloggers fail is that most bloggers are not producing interesting, engaging, unique quality content. With so much content being created, good content is the minimum for succeeding as a blogger. 

The success of your blog generally depends on three factors.

  • Your niche selection: Niche selection is essential for blog success. Ensure you pick the right niche based on the income you want to earn. Ideally, you should choose a niche with high search volume and low competition.
  • How you decide to monetize your blog: Most bloggers start with Google AdSense; however, it is not enough to make you earn a full-time income from your blog. The more creative you get in monetizing your blog, the more money you will make. Here are a few lucrative ways to monetize your blog:
    • Create your own digital or physical products
    • Generate leads for potential customers for other companies like insurance companies, financial services, legal-type topics, or specialized software. 
  • How much traffic do you get to your blog, and where your traffic comes from? Unfortunately, traffic that primarily comes from outside the United States will not bring as much money as you expect.
    • I suggest you focus on traffic United States (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, and Australia because this is where the money is in terms of traffic.
    • If you are a beginner, focus mainly on low-competition keywords and avoid the most popular and hard-to-win ones.

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The bottom Line

What could be your answer now to these questions? Is blogging still popular and relevant? Or is it dead? Do people still read blogs? Or are they a waste of time? If you answered yes, no, yes, and no in that order, then you’re correct.

Blogging isn’t going to die or get lost soon. Instead, it’s gaining more popularity, with more people joining the industry each year. We still need information on various subjects, and blogs are one major source of such information.

As we’ve discussed, may this material help you see why blogging is still popular and worth investing in if need be!


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