8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join!

8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join!
8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join! – theentrepreneurjourney.com.

Students would love the opportunity to earn extra cash to supplement their pocket money. Some may also seek the extra dollar to start their early investment plan. 

However, finding a suitable option to earn some cash without investing money is challenging in today’s economy.  Many students go online to make money since it is flexible and one can fit the gigs into the schedule. But online also have numerous scams that can cost you money, hence the need o exercise caution to find legitimate options. 

If you are looking for a side hustle as a student, paid surveys could be a legit and easy way to make some money. However, not all online surveys that claim to pay well participants are legit. 

This article will help you know the best-paid survey sites for students. We will also discuss these sites’ earning opportunities, how to join them, and what to expect.

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Why Paid Surveys Are Ideal For Students

Consider some reasons why you should consider paid surveys as a student.

  • You do not need training: Paid surveys do not require any special training. Any student can do it as long as they understand the language. 
  • You do not need capital to start: You can start to join paid survey sites for free and begin making money. While other online side hustles may require investment, paid surveys cost you nothing. 
  • You can do it anytime: You can fit paid surveys into your busy schedule. Furthermore, you can also choose which site to join if they have the best offers. Some sites email members if they have available surveys in which you can participate. 
  • No risk involved: You will encounter zero risk with paid surveys. If you work hard, you are sure to make a profit from day one. 
  • You have multiple opportunities with paid survey sites: Some survey companies specifically target students, offering the chance to make a decent wage. 
8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join!
8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join! – theentrepreneurjourney.com.

Best Paid Survey Sites For Students

Are you looking for legitimate survey sites to make extra cash? You can join more than one site to enhance your chances of making more money. You can join the sites below and start earning. 

1- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is touted as one of the best survey sites and reward portals. Students will delight in many of its exciting ways to earn. It also has an app, making it easy for students to choose a survey that fits them. 

You can make money from the app by searching online, doing surveys, taking online offers, watching videos, inviting friends, and playing games. The site has an easy-to-navigate shopping portal where students can find cashback and discounts to spend online. 

You can join the platform from age 13 if you live in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Spain, France, Ireland, and Germany. If you are wondering how you will get your money, worry not, PayPal have you covered.

2- YouGov

If you are looking for an easy-to-join and use survey site, YouGov is the place to be. Once you join, you will regularly receive emails notification of available surveys. The site also has a mobile app that makes it easy for students to take surveys anywhere. 

Interestingly, YouGov is interested in young people aged 18-34, providing students with the opportunity to make extra cash. The survey topics also vary; you can see the ongoing survey results from the website in real time, which many sites do not provide. 

However, the rewards you can get from the survey depend on where you live. Generally, you will likely receive cash, gift card products from Amazon, or prepaid Visa cards. YouGov is a site worth joining.

3- Branded Surveys

Branded surveys is another survey site with several student-oriented surveys. If you are active on the platform, you can acquire a higher membership level and be eligible for up to a 19% bonus on all surveys you participate in. This offer means you can find high-paying surveys on the site. 

Once your cash payout has reached $5 and above, you can apply for it and get paid via bank transfer, PayPal, or choose one of the gift cards on the platform. 

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8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join!
8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join! – theentrepreneurjourney.com.

4- MindSwarms

Although MindSwarm is not a well-known survey site, it has fantastic options for making money for students. If you want to participate in its survey, you must send an application to be included in the studies. 

Do not allow the application process put you off because the payout is worth it. Every MindSwarm survey has 7 questions and takes less than 20 minutes to complete, but the payout is $50 for every survey

Send as many applications as possible, and be quick to accept studies. Once the application is approved, log in and record a video while answering the 7 questions. You will earn within 24 hours of completion. That is good money for a student to supplement their pocket money

5- Ipsos i-Say

If you want a paid survey site with several surveys to help you make money, Ipsos i-Say is the site to join. Another advantage of Ipsos i-Say is that it pays more than the industry standard. 

You can complete your survey task before the estimated time, allowing extra time for other endeavors.

Furthermore, if you register for long-term participation, you can take advantage of their loyalty program. This program offers a higher cash payout if you can wait until your money exceeds $100

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6- Toluna Influencers

Toluna influencers make your voice count and provide you with an opportunity to earn decent pay. It has existed for many years and has built a good reputation as a legit survey site. 

Besides the paid survey, you can also make money from Toluna influencers through other means. Several survey options last between 5 and 10 weeks on the platform, but the number of surveys you can participate in depends on your country.

You can also make money on Toluna through sponsored polls, rewarding you with 15 points per session. Sponsored polls often take 10 seconds to complete, and you can see statistics from other participants’ answers. 

Toluna influencers also offer contests where you post a picture on a specific topic and select the winner. 

Sometimes a quiz is posted, and the winner is selected depending on who answers correctly and the speed at which you can get the answer. You can earn extra cash credited to your account if you win. 

7- ySense

It is also called ClixSense and is a great paid survey option for students. Taking paid surveys is the easiest way to make money on ySense since the platform has partnered with many survey providers

However, you may probably not qualify for all available surveys. Therefore, if you click on surveys but they are unavailable, be patient and continue clicking until you find the available ones. 

You can earn bonuses from online surveys if you attain certain daily activities. If you are 16 years old, you can join the platform and get paid via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or gift cards. 

Your rewards will vary significantly from one survey to another and from country to country. A section below the surveys section provides you with extra opportunities to make more money. 

Additionally, you can earn money from ySense through paid offers, enabling you to access many opportunities offered by various partners. 

These offers include trying new products and services, playing games, downloading apps, watching videos, and signing up for websites and free contests. 

However, before taking an offer from the wall, evaluate their prevailing conditions and the amount of available reward. You will realize that some offers give low bonuses while others provide high tips. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before accepting any offers. 

ySense also allows students to play games on their mobile phones and get paid.

Once you have downloaded the ySense app, you can scroll to the “discover” section and select playtime rewards. You will be paid per minute you play. 

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Best Paid Survey Sites For Students
8 Best Paid Survey Sites For Students: Earning opportunities, how to join! – theentrepreneurjourney.com.

8- PineCone Research

PineCone Research is part of the market research company Nielsen, which means it is supported by one of the bigwigs in the industry. You will get paid if you play by the rules and consistently participate. 

The site exclusively surveys, but you need an invitation to join it. It is one of the best paying online surveys you can join to make extra dollars. And although it may not have daily survey opportunities, you can be sure of regular earnings. 

You can also make money from PineCone Research through product testing. You can participate in testing new products to ascertain their usability before they hit the market. 

Usually, you keep the product after testing, thus allowing you to own new and excellent products. The platform will inform you when product testing opportunities are available. 

Final Thoughts

As a student, you can earn money from various paid online surveys. Paid surveys are the easiest way to use your free time as a student to learn and achieve.

You simply need to know which sites offer legitimate survey opportunities and spend some time learning the platform.

The beauty is that you can participate in more than one platform, thus widening your chances of winning more money.

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