8 Effective Ways to Make Money Overseas Online

The traditional 9-5 job is losing traction as millions shift to online space to make money. Freelancing has made it easy to make money regardless of where you are. 

Your laptop is your office, allowing you to work while traveling or vacationing. A study by Global Workplace Analytics shows that freelancing work has grown by over 159% since 2005. 

Remote working also benefits women, allowing them to close the wage gap since the internet provides them similar opportunities to men.

Another beautiful side of online work is choosing where you want to live. You can work as you tour the world and because you are often paid in dollars, you can choose to live in cheaper cities or countries than your home.

 But what are some online jobs you can do away from home and make money? We have collected 10 creative ways to make money overseas online, work wherever you want, and live your dream. 

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Effective Ways to Make Money Overseas Online
8 Effective Ways to Make Money Overseas Online – theentrepreneurjourney.com

Ways to Make Money Overseas Online

With the internet, you can make money online while living overseas. Here are the best ways to make money overseas online.

1- Sell An Online Course

What skills do you have that you can share? What are you good at that you can teach others? You can set up an online course and provide tutorials, videos, and PDF downloads.

However, before you set up an online course, ensure you know your craft and understand your audience. Most people create blogs or social media accounts to sell themselves before offering a course. 

Alternatively, you can also teach on platforms such as Udemy, TakeLessons, and Skillshare, where students pay before classes begin.

After creating an online course, you need to market it. You can do this through your social media pages or paid advertisements. Additionally, you can do free webinars and invite people to buy your online course.

Tell them how they will benefit from taking the course. Therefore, create good content worth your audience’s money and time.

2- Virtual Assistant

Are you an organized and resourceful person who loves details? You can make money online by working as a virtual assistant. Most modern offices and entrepreneurs need a remote assistant to manage their calendars and organize meetings in advance.

Most organizations are looking for someone with excellent organizational and planning skills. If you have these qualities, you will not lack work. But how can you get a virtual assistant gig?

You can pitch directly to various clients, highlighting your skills and abilities. You could also tell prospective clients how they will benefit by hiring you. 

Alternatively, you can create an account with freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, or Freelancing.com and bid for virtual assistant jobs. You can highlight your skills and rates in the account and job bids. 

Once you get your first client, give it your best; the sky will be the limit. 

3- Create Your Blog

Are you good with words? Blogging could be an ideal way to make money online while you are overseas. 

People are always looking for information on the internet; your blog could be one source they run to. Besides earning a living from blogs, bloggers are turning these platforms into massive companies.

However, blogging can take time before you start cashing on it. Your blog can generate a huge income stream if you play your cards right. 

If you continue to learn the ins and outs of writing and improve your writing skills with every piece of article, you will attract more traffic and make good money.

The following are some tips for those who want to make money through blogging:

  • Choose a less competitive niche– highly competitive niches will burry your blog among established blogs. Unique niches have specific audiences and are not easy to write on.  
  • Create quality content– before starting to write on a topic, ensure you have thoroughly researched it. Pay keen attention to every word you type on your blog. Make your blog authentic; do not rewrite other people’s content. 
  • Master SEO– One of the things Google uses to rank blogs is properly used keywords in an article. So, learn about various SEO strategies and implement them on your blog to increase your chances of ranking. 
  • Work with established bloggers and influencers– No one succeeds alone. You can work closely with other established bloggers and request them to be your mentors as you try to break through this crowded blogging industry. Reach out to influencers and encourage them to promote your site with their fans. 

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4- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is directly related to building a blog website. It is an act of promoting other people’s products on your website. 

The first step is to build an excellent website with good traffic. You can build an audience by providing them with informative blog posts, podcasts, and webinars.

Your audience should trust you as an expert and authority in your field of expertise. After building stable traffic for your site, you can join an affiliate program and promote products that resonate with your audience. 

When your readers click on the affiliate link from your website and buy the product you promoted through the link, you will earn a commission.

Ensure the affiliate products you are promoting are connected to your blog. For instance, if your blog focuses on software and technology, you can join the Clickbank affiliate and hook up with a potential client. 

5- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is related to affiliate marketing because you will also sell other people’s products. However, dropshipping allows you to set the prices of the products in your store. 

A buyer can purchase a product from your shop and make payments. The order and payment record is sent to the manufacturer or warehouse owner, who processes the packaging and delivery to the customer. 

You will then pay the manufacturer or whole seller and remain with your profit margin. Like most online businesses, you can dropship from anywhere in the world. You do not need to see the warehouse or deliver the goods; yours is to market the product and make a sale. 

You sell goods and make a profit without moving away from your place of residence. Many entrepreneurs have made a fortune with dropshipping; you too can succeed in this business. 

6- Become a Freelance Writer

If you love writing, but the thought of managing a blog is daunting, you can become a freelance writer. One way to excel as a freelance writer is to know your niche and master your art in it. 

Some freelancers make the mistake of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. If you fail to specialize, you may not be good at anything, meaning you will submit substandard work. 

You may lose clients for delivering low-quality work. Therefore, identify your niche, read wide on that niche, and look for clients who pay well for quality work. 

Like a blogger, learn the ins and outs of SEO strategies, and serious clients will want your services. 

You can join freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork and sell your skills. However, I would recommend cold pitching for clients on your own. This way, you avoid paying freelancing platforms and could charge higher for your work. 

You can also promote your hustle through social media platforms like LinkedIn and meet with like-minded professionals. 

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7- Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is an excellent search engine, with millions of users looking for information on it. You can create entertaining, fun, and informative videos that attract more people

Determine what your channel would be about. It should be content that your target audience will love. Most people like educational, inspirational, and entertaining content, so tailor yours to meet these demands.

Are you a comedian or singer? Post comedy or singing videos, and you will get more views. You can also post web series, video game walkthroughs, reviews, or “how-to” videos.  

Once you decide on what type of videos you want to create, you should post frequently. YouTube rewards regularity. Ensure your videos are useful and are what your audience is looking for.

Remember the following tips when creating YouTube videos: 

  • Use high-quality cameras to record your YouTube videos
  • Ensure the audio quality is good.
  • Optimize your videos by incorporating relevant keywords in the video descriptions, titles, and images to get your audience to click them. 
  • Develop a posting schedule, so your followers will always know when you’re posting your next video. 
  • Include a call to action telling people to subscribe, share, and like your videos.

8- Become a Tutor

E-learning is rising as several students seek tutors to guide them pass their exams. If you are good at certain subjects like math, English, engineering, foreign languages, or hand on skills, you can teach these subjects to millions of students looking for your services

You can advertise your coaching skills on social media and connect with your students on skype. Some tutors charge between $25 and $60 an hour, depending on the subject you intend to teach. 

You can also seek students from sites such as Preply, Skooli, eTutorWorld, and Remote.co

Wrapping Up

The internet has made it easy to make money from anywhere in the world. It is a marketplace where entrepreneurs can sell their skills to those who need them regardless of location.

You can make money while traveling, vacationing, or staying in another country. You have a ray of opportunities you can exploit, including tutoring, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, selling online courses, running a blog, and more.


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