How Long Does It Take To Make Money On a Blog? (With tips to earn money faster!)

How Long Does It Take To Make Money On a Blog? (With tips to earn money faster!) –

Blogging is one of the most lucrative freelancing businesses that can help you earn 6 or 7-figure incomes. No wonder it has attracted so many people.

But you may wonder how long it will take to start making money from your blogging business. On average, it takes about 2 years to earn from your blog. However, remember, this is only the average. Other statistics also show that approximately one-third of bloggers start making money within 6 months and reach full-time income within 24 months.

Wow! Two years of waiting! That seems like an eternity if you want quick money. How can you speed up the process and start making money earlier?

This article explains how long you will wait to start making money with blogging, what factors determine that duration, and what can be done to shorten the timeline.

Let’s get into the discussion.

Here Is How Long It Takes To Make Money From a Blogging Business

As you read this article, you will realize that blogging is far from a get-rich-quickly scheme. But one thing is certain, with the right strategy and hard work, you can get a decent full-time income from a blogging business.

Although some bloggers start earning money from their blogs within 6 months, it takes 2 years for most bloggers. And achieving a full-time income may take you 4 and half years.

Nevertheless, there is more to these figures than meets the eye. One survey by Productive Blogging shows that most interviewed bloggers did not start blogging with making money as a definite goal.

Additionally, some bloggers cannot be certain when they registered their first check from the business.

What about the blog you are reading this article from, This blog started to generate income in its 7th month from its launch date. I hope to continue producing quality content to improve its revenue stream.

If you continue to create content for your blogs for 2 to 5 years, you can increase your blog revenue.

A report by Glassdoor suggests that a blogger’s average salary is $53,281 annually in the U.S., showing that blogging is a lucrative long-term business.

Several successful bloggers I know make over $200,000 yearly, but they also work on this business between 10 and 30 hours per week.

What Affects How Long You Will Take To Make Money From a Blog?

Many factors affect how long it will take to earn from your blogging business. Here are some factors worth considering:

  • The number of blog posts
  • Quality of the blog post
  • Page views or traffic
  • Monetization methods
  • Attitude
  • Time
  • Niche

Let’s discuss these factors one at a time.

1- The Number Of Blog Posts

If you compare a blog site with a few posts with another with numerous posts, which one do you think will generate revenue faster-all factors constant? Of course, the one with more posts.

And this is good because writing blog posts is within your power. You can only grow your readership and drive traffic to your site by writing and publishing many articles.

2- Blog Post Quality

People go to Google to search for answers to their questions, so ensure your content addresses their pain points.

If you consistently write quality blogs, your audience will keep coming to your site and refer others to you.

Google algorithm also knows quality content and is likely to rank you higher, thus increasing your chances of earning faster from your business.

Conversely, you may not rank any article for years if you produce mediocre content. It doesn’t matter how many substandard articles you post; Google may not index them!

How Do You Ensure Your Content Is Quality?

  • Proofread your content to eliminate any grammatical errors
  • Ensure your content is flowing (use slip slide)
  • Create original and unique content (avoid plagiarism)
  • Use references
  • Internally link your content to increase your authority.

3- Number Of Page Views Or Traffic

This is an obvious factor. You will expect a page with more views or traffic to earn more than the one with less traffic.

But how do you increase your page views?

  • Create quality and optimized content.
  • Promote your content on social media.
  • Repurpose your content.
  • Increase user experience.
  • Optimize your website

4- Monetization Method

How do you want to make money from your blog?

If you know the answer to this question, you have a higher chance of making money faster on your blog than a blogger who does not have monetization strategies.

Here are some monetization strategies you can implement:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Direct ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sell products
  • Sell services

Selling products and services (eCommerce sites) often earn more than other strategies.

5- Your Attitude

Have you ever heard the expression “your financial attitude determines your financial altitude”?

This statement means that a blogger who has a positive attitude towards blogging and considers it a business will make more money.

You cannot treat your blogging business casually and expect it to earn you more money. So start taking serious steps to improve your business, which will reward you sooner with money.

6- Time

The more time you spend every week on your blog, the more you will likely earn. If you spend 5 hours on your work, you cannot make the same amount of money as someone spending 30 hours a week on the blog.

However, you should also know that HOW you use the time allotted for work will also affect the amount of money you make on blogs.

For instance, if you have 50 hours to spend on your blog but spend wrongly, you can be certain that your bank account will not improve.

On the other hand, you may have few hours for blogging, but if you spend them most constructively, you can earn a decent income from the business.

7- Niche

If you choose a niche you are unfamiliar with, it will affect your earnings. You may not produce quality blog posts and may not have a sustainable audience.

How do you choose the right niche? Check out our guide for the best blogging niches you can make yours.

How Can You Turn Your Blogs Into a Money-Making Machine Faster?

We have considered factors that affect how fast you can make money from a blog. Now let me give you practical tips to take your blog full-time faster.

1- Focus On Growing Your email List

Email marketing is not something you want to ignore, like most bloggers, if you want to make money fast.

An email list tells you how many dedicated fans you have that will read your posts.

Here is a direct approach if you are wondering how to build an email list.

  • Request your readers to subscribe to your website at the beginning or the end of your blog posts.
  • But even better, you can offer your audiences value-packed freebies that enable them to solve a problem faster and experience your expertise.

2- Commit To Blogging From The Start

Some people are scared of commitment. But we are talking about making money here; it needs commitment.

Some of my friends who loved writing and creating content failed in their blogging business because they did not go all in.

If you approach blogging timidly with an attempt to play it safe, you may not profit from it.

How badly do you want to succeed at blogging? If you dream and think about it all day, commit to it and go full speed. Only then will you make decent revenue from your investment.

3- Stop Wasting Time On Non-Essential Activities

I have seen some bloggers waste a lot of time on peripheral activities that will not translate into money.

If your goal is to turn your blog into a revenue-generating business as soon as possible, avoid wasting valuable time on the following activities:

  • Designing and redesigning the logo
  • Constantly changing your site’s design
  • Hiding behind ‘coming soon

Instead, focus on the thing that matter like:

  • Writing, editing, and optimizing quality content
  • Conducting surveys
  • Building your email list
  • Promoting your content

4- Write Regular High-Quality Blog Posts

Writing many quality articles is the blogging elephant you must start eating fast. Once you have chosen the ideal niche, get to work and start producing content.

Some new bloggers hide behind coming soon for too long until the desire to write wanes. Take action and start; the result will take care of itself.

As you begin blogging, keep in mind some blogging mistakes you should avoid; otherwise, your efforts may be fruitless.

5- Learn SEO

If you want to make money fast with blogging, you want your blog pages to rank higher on Google.

A higher ranking (appearing on Google’s first page) increases your web traffic because many people can see your content.

But how do you rank higher on search engines?

Well, several things are involved, and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them.

SEO enables you to use relevant keywords your readers are typing on the search bar. This means that your site will get unique visitors, and you may even increase your subscribers.

You might also enjoy reading: Are Keywords Still Valuable for SEO? (Here’s what you should know!)

Bottom Line

I know it can be tough in the first few years of blogging. You may ponder the question: Is blogging worth it? However, if you do not give up but continue to work hard and view blogging as a business, you will make money.

Doing the right things and being persistent will help you earn money from your blogs as soon as possible.


What blogging tips have helped you make money fast on your site, or which one stands out for you in this list? Let me know your thought.


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