Here’s How You Can Make Money With HTML

How You Can Make Money With HTML
Here’s How You Can Make Money With HTML –

Learning a new language, especially one that talks to machines, can be a daunting task. However, with the right training and mindset, understanding how to use HTML is a way to make money online fairly quickly.

There are several ways one can make money with HTML. Whether you are a beginner, want to change careers, or looking to make this your side hustle, HTML is the first step in learning how to develop programs.  HTML is relatively inexpensive to learn and can take just a few weeks to get the fundamentals down.

The next time you are on your favorite website, pay attention to how the paragraphs and headlines are laid out on each page.  Almost 90% of websites were built using HTML, hypertext markup language, to provide that internal framework for that website.  Chances are the formatting on that page was done using HTML.

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How You Can Make Money With HTML

You can make money by learning HTML. There are currently a lot of jobs in tech just waiting for you.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can make money with HTML:

Make Money with Basic HTML Knowledge

If you are looking to make money as a programmer, it is recommended that you have your website. The added benefit of having a website is that you can use it as a marketing piece to show potential clients what you are capable of creating. 

On the website, you can add past projects that you have done. Building your own website will give you much-needed practice and the confidence that you can start doing this for others and charging them to do it. 

1- Start Building Websites

It can feel as if beginning programmers are on a hamster wheel when looking for websites to build.  Typically, clients will not hire a beginning programmer unless they can see examples of past projects, and without any clients, it can be not easy to find examples of previous work.

To stop the cycle, many will reach out to friends and family to see if anyone is looking to have a website built and offer a discounted rate or not charge one at all.  For those that do have a website, they will offer to make changes. This is a way to gain experience, but most importantly, you now have a completed project(s) to establish credibility.

Maybe reaching out to family and friends is not the best option for you.  Instead, start researching local businesses to see what their websites look like.  There is a good chance; some of them do not even have a site and are relying on social media to grow their business.

Either way, explain the benefits of having a website and the process that you would take to build one for them.  The businesses that have an existing website explain what you are able to do to make it better.  

Educating these business owners and demonstrating that you can build a customizable email template or a place for customers to book appointments will potentially generate additional revenue and save that business owner time.

Another way businesses can benefit from your services is by creating a newsletter template.  Newsletters are an easy way for business owners to send a message to all of their customers in the database.  By having a consistent newsletter, it keeps customers informed inexpensively.

Business owners expect the company website to be running properly and do not want to spend any time thinking about it.

For a small fee, a beginning programmer can manage all aspects of the site.  These webmasters update the content and manage the site to make sure it is running properly.  If the website was to go down at 3 am, having a local webmaster would put the owner at ease.  

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2- Get Hired as a Freelancer

Building websites is too much of a leap than what you are comfortable with. Start with smaller projects.  Some clients are looking for a programmer to complete a one-time project and pay a fixed rate or pay by the hour. 

Freelancing has become so popular that there are several sites that match freelancers with potential clients. Sites like Fiverr and UpWork offer a variety of smaller projects that can be completed in a day and others that can be a week or two.

Working as a freelancer or independent contractor can be an easier way to find clients and ease one into making money quickly.  Freelancers that do excellent work develop a reputation and continue to work with some of these clients long-term.

3- Blogging

Blogging is another option to put a basic knowledge of HTML to use and make money in the process.  Starting a blog on your own or writing for others is an attractive option because it gives people the option to write about topics that are important to them or topics they are knowledgeable about. 

Communicating their voice through their own blog helps expand their online presence, reaching clients they may not have found through their website. 

Some will write blogs for clients and get paid accordingly. Others will market products and get paid by adding pay-per-click ads to the site. 

Building a Career

Companies will hire programmers with basic HTML knowledge for several entry-level positions.  Many of these positions are a great stepping stone to building a career.

  • Junior Web Developer: A junior developer will create new websites and applications working with a group of developers.  Companies will hire beginners as junior developers to assist with additional entry-level tasks and gain hands-on experience in the process. 
  • Web Editors: As an employee, a web editor will produce content for their employer and make sure the additional info on the site is correct.
  • Social Media Manager: The social media manager handles all of the social media for the company.  By having an employee dedicated to posting information about the company will help keep the company top of mind. 
  • Web Project Manager: An employee in this role will lead a team and manage all aspects of a project for the internet.

One of the great things about programming is that opportunities exist because technology continues to improve. For the most part, finding a programmer that does not know HTML is unlikely, and to build a career in this field, programmers sharpen their skills to remain competitive.  Here are a couple of examples:

Design Skills

The ability to use HTML to build the framework for websites is a step in the right direction. However, it won’t be easy to build a user-friendly site without learning more. These are good to have as part of your skillset, regardless of what path you choose.

  • CSS, cascading style sheets, is what makes the page pop. The size of the fonts, the color, and the overall look of the site will be difficult to do with learning this.
  • JavaScript will help programmers with the ability to create animated graphics.
  • Most companies use WordPress, a content management system, and learning it will provide many more opportunities.
  • RWD, responsive web design, will help create a website that can be read on any media device.
  • To edit graphics, learn Photoshop and Illustrator.

Soft Skills

As the workload continues to increase, the time in the day becomes much more valuable.  Programmers that have perfected their soft skills, such as project management, organization, and time management, provide structure in order to handle additional projects and make money.


As we learned, there are different possibilities to make money with basic HTML knowledge. The potential to make money can be done with smaller projects or can get extensive work for a larger company.  Continuing to handle projects will help you gain the confidence to take on larger projects and charge more money as a result.


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