Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account?

Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account
Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account? –

Most people ask if can you make money online without a bank account. And I also asked myself this question when I got started on my entrepreneurial journey. You can make money online without having a bank account.  The main issue is receiving your funds after your hard work paid off. There are several ways to go about obtaining your money after the fact. 

Most platforms do require some form of a financial account to transfer the money to you. It does beg the question of can you make money online without a bank account:

Yes, you can make money online without having a bank account. Most people make money online using several methods, including article writing, affiliate marketing, and video creation. Receiving money without a bank account can be a challenge, but it can be done.

After spending your time working hard to make money, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Some programs will mail you a check, and others will pay you directly using a wallet service such as Paypal or even prepaid debit cards.  We will discuss how to accomplish making money and retrieve your cash below.

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Money orders

Like accepting checks in the mail, money orders will also allow you to collect your money without a bank account. After you receive your money orders, you can take them just about anywhere to cash them out.

There are generally some small fees to pay when using a money order or check cashing service. Every place is different; make sure you check with the establishment for their rates.

Checks are no different than money orders except that the money is not guaranteed.  With a check, the banks must speak with one another, and if there is a shortage of funds, you may very well get dinged if they cannot find the issuer.

Shopify® Payments

If you are running a Shopify® store in today’s marketplace, like PayPal, you can use the Shopify payments card as a debit card from your balance.  People purchase your goods or services, and you receive the Money through Shopify payments.

Shopify payments put your money into a private escrow account until you are ready to use it. They do have a debit card option available for most patrons. However, Shopify will require you to add a bank account or link a card to your Shopify account. Some people use a reloadable prepaid debit card for transfers.


Paypal is one of the first e-wallets available to people to use as electronic wallets. Originally PayPal was designed as a secure way to process credit card payments online for purchases. Nowadays, Paypal is also a credit card processing company that acts like a bank account.  You can get a debit card linked to your PayPal balance.

Paypal does not require a bank account to sign up, and it also does not need a bank account to receive payments from others. It is a safe and secure way to transfer money between two individuals. 

Pre-paid Debit Cards

Pre-paid debit cards are similar to how PayPal can allow you to use your balance to pay for your goods. You can pre-load some of these cards with a direct deposit link to receive your money on a prepaid debit card.

ComData is one of the largest prepaid debit cards used nationwide. Like a check, prepaid debit cards work like a bank account. Money gets loaded onto the card, and you can use it.


Clickbank is an affiliate network that has thousands of offers from thousands of companies and niches. One of Click Bank’s cool features is that they will send you a check in the mail for all your hard work. Clickbank focuses primarily on digital products with a few physical products available.

Clickbank does require some technical knowledge to create landing pages and drive traffic to the site to which the patron is intended to make a purchase.

You would need to browse their offers and create a suitable marketing campaign, and once you have completed the terms of your agreement, a check will come to you in the mail. 

Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account
Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account? –

Online Jobs That Do Not Require A Bank Account

While most companies prefer direct deposit as a means of paying you, several types of work can be done remotely without requiring direct deposit as a means of payment. Some companies will allow you to select a prepaid debit card to replace direct deposit during their onboarding process. 

If you are talented in multiple languages, many freelance transcribing jobs are available on some of these freelance platforms that will pay you to transcribe audio files into readable text in different languages.

There are applications available to download on your phone to efficiently accomplish tasks for people, such as Task rabbit® or Survey®. Some of these tasks include furniture assembly, repair work, or even financial help on tax preparation.

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SurveyMerchandising tasks
Task RabbitTask completion for individuals
Uber, Lyft, Door dash, post mates, etc.Livery, transportation
SteadyApplication aggregator
ScribeTranscription service
CovocoVoice acting
Can you Make Money Online Without a Bank Account? –

Article Writing

Article writing or ghostwriting is another way to make money online that does not require a bank account. You would need to go to a website that allows you to post your freelance writing services and the rate that you are requesting.

Several companies will pay for writing services and various experience levels. Some places will pay per piece; others pay per assignment.  Most of these companies will either send you a check or deposit money into your PayPal account. 

You can then take your check to a check-cashing place or use your Paypal debit card linked directly to your Paypal account to access your money. If you are planning to write Sponsored Posts, I encourage you to check out the 12 Pros and Cons of Sponsored Posts for Bloggers.

You only need to read and write at a comprehensive level to qualify for these freelance writing gigs.  Here is a list of a few that may take entry-level writers:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer 
  • Fiverr
  • Buzzfeed

Affiliate marketing

Like click bank, many individual companies have affiliate programs that allow people to send them the traffic and earn a commission. Getting involved with a group that aggregates affiliate programs together will prove to be beneficial.

Unlike click bank®, these aggregators develop a niche-based network with their affiliate marketers. Some pay per click while others pay per sale.  Some pay less but provide everything you need, and others pay more but leave it up to you to create the landing pages and convert leads into sales.

Some of the more popular groups are:

  • Peerfly
  • Share a sale
  • Commission Junction

Video Creation

Video streaming services are on the rise, and creating engaging content is where it is at. Personality goes a long way with video content creation. People subscribe to people they like, not information. Creating content that is engaging but somewhat personal is the key to gaining an extensive subscriber list.

Once the list grows to a specific amount, you can monetize those videos with ads that will pay a premium to the video owner to show their ad on the video.  Each platform will have different rules of engagement on content creation and what is acceptable.

Some of the more popular topics are:

  • Product reviews
  • Homework or topic assignments 
  • Niche’ Products 
  • Video Compilations
  • Short animations
  • How-to videos


Like freelance writing, blogging is writing about a specific niche’ with mostly little pieces. People searching for answers on a particular topic will come across your blog online and either click on an ad or an affiliate link.

As people visit the site and the customer base grows, so does the revenue from the provided ads or services. Different blogs have different business models and may even pay for outside writers, as mentioned above.

Selling ad space on your blog is not unheard of either. You can charge per click or ad space and type every month.


Social media plays a large role in our society today, and having many followers means social media influencer status. Not to say that someone could not start a social media account and then add everyone in town. People look for engaging content on social media platforms.

Several tools are available to influencers to keep track of website visits and how people are engaging with the available content.  This role is almost perfect for the person that can be the center of influence for a large group of people.

Final Thoughts

Despite the method chosen to make money online, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to follow through. Some people try for ages and cannot seem to get it correct, while others can look at a keyboard and make $100. The more you learn about a specific method, the higher the chances of success are.

A person can make money online without a bank account, though you may need to find alternative methods to retrieve your money with specific methods. 


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