12 Profitable eBay Selling Tips (And your profit!)

Profitable eBay Selling Tips
eBay Selling Looking For Profitable eBay Selling Tips

eBay has experienced exponential growth since its launch as an auction website. It has approximately 142 million users, second only to Amazon, without signs of slowing down. 

So, whether you know the inroads of online business or want to sell some old stuff and make extra cash, eBay is the place for you. But here is the deal. You need to learn tricks and tips on how to sell on eBay to succeed on the platform. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far. We’ve combed the internet and put that information into this guide to help you start making money on eBay. Let’s dive in. 

And if you are wondering if selling on eBay is still worth It, I wrote a whole article where I share the pros and cons you must know.

How You Can Make Money On eBay?

If you want to maximize profit from your eBay store, here are 15 tips to help you succeed. 

1- Know The Most Profitable Item to Sell On eBay

You have probably heard you can dispose of your old clothes, textbooks, or video collections on eBay. However, before you jump the gun and start selling any of that stuff, check whether they are in good condition.

Selling items in unfavorable conditions could land your business in trouble. For instance, selling pre-owned electronics or machinery with missing crucial parts will result in bad reviews, making it challenging to sell anything on eBay in the future. 

Enough advice!

How can you know the most profitable item to sell on eBay? The best way to know is to use Marketplace Research Tool to know which items people buy the most on the platform. Alternatively, you can examine the most-watched items or the most-bid items to know which merchandise to auction on eBay. 

Here are some popular, profitable items you can sell on eBay:

  • Luxury watches
  • Computer Accessories
  • Used cell phones
  • Toys and action figures
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports cards
  • Collectibles 

Remember, some items sell more during certain seasons. So, include seasonal products like sunglasses in the summer and warm clothes during winter to meet customer needs. 

2- Keep Cassini Happy

Ca-what? If you are wondering what Cassini is, you are not alone. Many sellers on eBay don’t know it too. And I am not talking about a space mission Launched by NASA in 1997. 

Cassini is eBay’s search algorithm that helps buyers find their preferred products in the marketplace. 

The algorithm will display your product depending on your history on the platform, product prices, shipping costs, and popularity. 

How do you make Cassini happy? Meet the essential requirements when creating your brand presence on eBay, including the following:

  • Optimize product descriptions with accurate wordings. 
  • Use competitive pricing to provide value to buyers. 
  • Maintain an excellent track record and minimize order cancellations. 
  • Use high-quality images

3- Optimize Your eBay Profile

One thing that improves your visibility on eBay is history. But how do you show trustworthiness if you are new to the platform? Become a buyer first and interact with other users to build your reputation.

Selling profitable items on eBay is a long game. You can buy a few things, pay for them promptly, and give feedback. 

Getting an excellent buyer rating helps improve your profile.

Another way to improve your profile is to choose a suitable and memorable user name. Remember, your username becomes your business name, so ensure your settle for a name that will inspire buyer confidence. 

If you are wondering what makes a good company name good, I wrote a whole article where I share tips for choosing the perfect name that I encourage you to check out.

The name should also be relevant to the products you intend to sell. 

4- Include All Product Details

Since eBay doesn’t require sellers to provide links to their product catalogs, it is vital that you include all product details. This helps with pushing your product up the search result for potential buyers. 

Sometimes you may see checkboxes showing sections you still need to fill, like style and color. The system may skip them because you have included these details in the product description; however, you should fill them out to please the algorithm. 

Ensure the product descriptions are accurate and easy to read. Buyers may lose trust in your brand if your content has errors. 

5- Charge The Best Price For Your Items

Buyers will always make price comparisons before buying a product online. You want to ensure you are not charging higher than your competitors for the same item. 

How do you know the competition pricing? Use eBay’s tool to discover the latest prices for similar items. This tool can help with almost all products on eBay. 

You can use selling sites like Music Magpie for music items like CDs and DVDs. The prices here do not far exceed those at eBay. 

You can buy goods at a lower price and sell them higher to earn profits. Just ensure you can cover the product cost, eBay fees, and shipping costs and still make a profit. 

6- Provide Excellent Customer Service

People buy from businesses that treat them as people. How you make a buyer feel makes them return to your shop. And customer service helps you develop this relationship. 

Here is how you provide excellent customer service on eBay:

  • Tell your buyers when their merchandise will arrive after the purchase
  • Have a clear and positive return policy that allows buyers to return the product if necessary.
  • Use the platform’s resolution center to solve any buyer conflict.
Profitable eBay Selling Tips
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7- Utilize eBay Seller Promotions

Sometimes eBay sends promotions to private sellers through email-keep an eye on them. 

Once you receive a promotional offer, wait until the offer matures, then sell your most profitable products. These offers can also save seller fees, thus enhancing your profits. 

How do you check for offers on eBay? Go to your seller account page and look for the current promotion section. If eBay sent some your way, you would see them here. Next to each offer, you can see the icon “Active” or “Activate” if you haven’t done so. 

8- Adopt Volume Pricing 

Another way to increase your profits on eBay is to offer shoppers bulk discounts. You provide lower prices for those who buy more from your store. 

How can you go about it?

Two ways. 

  • Create a bundle listing. 
  • Implement tiered pricing for a product. 

Volume pricing is ideal for complimentary products, which can increase your profits. It is a win-win arrangement in terms of lower shipping costs, convenience, and high revenue. 

9- Increase Your Selling Limits

As a first-time seller on eBay, you can list up to 10 products with a maximum value of £650. This limit allows the platform to ascertain whether you are a serious seller.

  • Do you deliver goods promptly?
  • Do you communicate with your buyers regularly?
  • Do you have favorable reviews?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you can request eBay to increase your selling limit from your profile. The platform managers will then decide if you qualify for more listings. 

But since you can only do this once a month, we recommend waiting until you have a few decent listings. The support team is often delighted to increase limits for sellers with good feedback. 

With more listings, you will likely sell more and make more money. 

10- Write Incredible Product Descriptions

Your product description is your selling point; it can make or break your store. So, take time and do it right.

According to eBay rules, you can only use up to 80 characters in the product title. This means you need to write clear and concise descriptions and include keywords to help potential buyers discover them. 

Here are common tips for writing eBay product descriptions. 

  • Ensure the description is concise, accurate, and informative.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Learn and use relevant acronyms like BN (brand new), VGC (Very good condition), and BNWT (brand new with tags). 
  • Say how long you have used the product and why you are selling it. 
  • Be honest about the product’s defects or issues.
  • Invite buyers to contact you with any queries. 
  • List your terms and conditions, such as packaging, postage, payment, and refund. 
  • List each product in the right category.

11- Build Trust at Every Selling Point

Building trust to grow your business is a primary goal if you are a beginner with no transaction history.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Fill in all information about yourself and the store. Include a photo of yourself- buyers want to put a face behind the store. 
  • Be upfront about defects, tears, and scratches in your product. 
  • Display positive customer testimonials and reviews. 

12- Always Offer Free Shipping 

If you want buyers to line up in your store, offer them free shipping. They will think it is a massive bargain from your store. 

Free shipping can help simplify sales and attract more buyers because they won’t struggle to calculate the shipping costs of the items they buy.

However, sometimes you may not offer free shipping on fragile and heavy ones. Shipping items internationally could eat your profits, so you may avoid carrying the load. 

Whatever decision you make, free shipping is one way to increase sales and profits on eBay. But if you include shipping costs, give a detailed description of the rate so your buyers can use it in their calculations. 

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In Conclusion

The internet is full of profitable eBay selling tips that work for many online businesses and can work for you too. Hopefully, you have all the resources to increase your earning on eBay.

All the best on your entrepreneurial journey.


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