5 Of The Cheapest Countries to Study

Cheapest Country to Study
Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada

The thought of holding a Bachelor’s degree or MBA from an internationally recognized university is exciting. But many shy away from this noble goal because they worry they will not find the cheapest countries to study abroad.

True, quality education can be expensive; however, several universities offer your desired course at affordable prices. And with the ease, accessibility, and affordability of air travel, studying abroad is more attractive than ever.

Tuition fees and the cost of living in a foreign country have always inflated the cost of studying abroad.

In this article, we present you with foreign countries with affordable cost of living and tuition fees.

But first, let’s consider…

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What You Should Remember When Choosing The Cheapest Country To Study In.

Deciding which foreign university you will pursue your studies is a challenging task. You will face many challenges and responsibilities, like finding the ideal program and exchanging your curries for local currencies.

Generally, it would be best to research several variables before settling on the cheapest country to study abroad.

  • Some questions you will ask yourself include
  • What are the institution’s tuition fees?
  • What is the cost of living in the country?
  • Does the institution offer scholarships, or do they have any other financing aids?
  • Do you need a student visa to study in this country?
  • What are the country’s education quality and infrastructure?

You can get all this information on popular platforms like Edvoy.com.

Now that you know the factors to consider when choosing where to study let’s discuss these countries.

The Top 5 Affordable Lands To Study Abroad

If you are looking cheapest countries to study abroad, here are a few of the cheapest countries to study.

1- Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one the most beautiful country with its white mountains. However, international students flock to this country for reasons beyond its natural beauty.

It is cheap to study in Canada, and here is why: Canada has many universities offering affordable educational programs to international students. By 2022, the country had 621,565 international students, including higher education.

However, those in tertiary education were 388,782, of which 235,419 were university students and 153,360 were college students.

Canada offers generous scholarships and financial aid to students who want to study abroad.

International students in Canada will need between CAD 600 to $800 to cater to the cost of living, excluding accommodation. On-campus accommodation costs range from CAD 3000 to $7,500 a year, depending on which region you study in.

The cost of living is 8.44% lower than in the United States.

What about tuition fees? Canadian universities offer lower tuition fees than most universities in the developed world. International students are expected to pay an annual tuition fee ranging from CAD 20 000 to $36,000 for undergraduates. And with scholarships, this figure can reduce even further.

Here is a table showing the average tuition fee for international students by field of study according to Statistics Canada.

Major2018 to 20192019 to 20202020 to 20212021 to 20222022 to 2023
Regular MBA38,40638,66839,67440,23841,767
Executive MBA67,65755,42463,00575,09976,687
Veterinary medicine9,8969,8349,1639,7499,726
Mathematics, computer, and information sciences16,11417,44118,40619,23919,865
Social and behavioral sciences and legal studies14,55014,98516,04016,74517,127
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies14,12214,72415,61916,39116,895
Table Contains International Graduate Tuition Fees By Field Of Study In Canada (Source: Statistics Canada)

2- Norway

Suppose you are looking for one of the cheapest countries to study abroad, head to Norway. Studying in Nordic countries as an international student is cheaper than in your own country.

Here’s why? Public Universities in Norway do not charge tuition fees for domestic and international students. These universities offer several English-taught courses that can make you competitive in the marketplace.

However, things may change in the future because the Norwegian government has requested the introduction of tuition fees for non-n EU/EEA and Switzerland students.

The bill is yet to be discussed and passed. If it goes into effect, students outside the stipulated regions may part with tuition fees to study in Norway, beginning in the autumn semester of 2023.

But as it stands, Norway is one the cheapest country to study abroad. Still, you may wonder- what is the cost of living for an international student in Norway?

A student’s average cost of living is approximately NOK 12 352 per month, which translates to NOK 123 519 annually. If you convert this amount into dollars, you get $12 363 per year.

And considering you don’t pay tuition fees, education in Norway is cheap.

Cheapest Country to Study
Norway Map And Flag

3- Germany

Germany is one of the most affordable places in Europe to study abroad. It has several internationally recognized universities, highly researched courses, and good employability rates.

German universities attract several international students from across the globe because their education system provides what students need.

Why do we say studying in Germany is cheaper? German public universities do not charge tuition fees for undergraduate students. And this offer benefits international students from the E.U. region doing their undergraduate at public universities.

You will only pay a small administration fee per semester.

What If You Are Not From The E.U. Region?

Although Germany abolished tuition for all students in 2014, some states like Baden-Württemberg reintroduced the fees for non-EU students in the autumn of 2017. Those pursuing their first degree must pay €3,000 as tuition fees, while those pursuing their second-degree pay €1,300 per year.

What About The Cost Of Living In Germany?

While you can study for free in Germany, you cannot live for free. Your living expenses will vary depending on where you stay in the country. For instance, you will spend more money in Munich than in other cities because it is the most expensive city in Germany.

However, this country’s average annual cost of living is approximately €10,200.

Data from DAAD shows the average monthly expenses as below:

Telephone, T.V. license, and internet€31
Study materials€20
Table Contains Average Cost of Living In Germany For International Students – theentrepreneurjourney.com.
Cheapest Country to Study
Germany Map And Flag

4- Nepal

Nepal is famous for its scenic mountain ranges and welcoming society. But it is also a perfect place to pursue an affordable education.

Tuition fee in Nepal depends on the university you want to study at and the field you want to pursue.

For instance, here is the tuition fee for studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in the country’s top five universities.

Cheapest Country to Study
Average Cost Of Living In Nepal For International Students

These amounts are fairly cheap if you convert them into dollars.

The cost of living is also reasonable, with shared accommodation in guesthouses and hostels costing as little as $3 per night.

The country’s cost of living is estimated to be 91.97% lower than that of the United States. You will not live on crumbs while studying in Nepal.

Regardless of your course in Nepal, the average tuition fees range from $18,000 to $36,000.

Cheapest Country to Study
Nepal Map And Flag

5- Malaysia

Although Malaysia is a tiny Asian country popular as a tourist destination because of its rainforests and beaches, it is also an education hub for many international students. Top universities in Malaysia are relatively cheaper and offer quality education.

The Malaysian government provide significant subsidies to public universities, making studying in this country affordable. Regardless of your financial background, you can pursue higher education in Malaysia.

The table below shows tuition fees at public and private universities.

Tuition fee for Public UniversityTuition fees for Private University
Bachelor’s degrees€2,000- 4,500 per year€1,350- 9,300 per year
Master’s degree€500- 4,000 per year€1, 500- 3,000 per yesr
Table Contains Tuition Fees At Public And Private Universities In Malaysia – theentrepreneurjourney.com.

Note: some medical degrees can cost €27,000 per year

The cost of living in Malaysia for international students ranges from €400 to €800 per month, which is affordable for many. The country’s cost of living is 51.23% lower than the U.S.

Cheapest Country to Study
Malaysia Flag

Why Do Students Go To Study Abroad?

Students go to great lengths to study abroad for various reasons. Here is some common motivation to study abroad.

1- The Desire To Experience a New Culture

In my village, going to a primary school, secondary school, and a university or college in the same area was frowned upon. During my high school years, my peers aspired to study in the universities in the big cities for new experiences.

Similarly, studying abroad can help you be more open-minded as you integrate with other cultures. You will likely improve your interpersonal skills and teamwork, which are needed in the labor market.

2- Learning a New Language

Did you know that students improve their brain development by learning a new language? And studying abroad allows you to interact with natives and learn their language first-hand.

My friend Carlos was learning Chinese on his own through apps like Duo Lingo, but to accelerate his learning, he enrolled at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Speaking a foreign language can be the greatest differentiator among job seekers.

3- The Desire To Attain Independence

Studying while living at home with your parents does not allow you to spread your wings, make mistakes, and own them. However, studying abroad enables you to experience living on your own.

Independent living and caring for yourself prepare you for life in the real world after college.

4- Better Education

Universities differ in their quality of education. That is why Universities have ranking sources like Q.S. World University Rankings, U.S. News, and Times Higher Education.

So, you can study abroad at a university that offers a better education than the one in your country. Or you may want to study a specific program available only abroad.

5- Better Work Environment

Some countries offer better working environments for students than others. Students looking for the best countries to earn money while studying will be interested in the cheapest country to study abroad.

For instance, freelancers studying in developed worlds are more likely to charge higher rates on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork than those in developing countries.

A better work environment is a powerful motivator to study abroad.

But before you respond to adverts online encouraging you to pursue your dream course abroad, take your time to compare the deals.

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Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for the cheapest country to study abroad, you have a cheap option to peruse through. And with the internet and globalization, you can earn distance learning online.

Some non-technical courses allow you to complete your studies virtually. But even if you choose a technical course, you can travel to school during the practical lesson, thus reducing costs further.


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