Top 7 Most Profitable Vending Machines

Vending machines business are an ideal option for entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to make money without special skills or training. But since the products sold in vending machines have a small value, many people wonder whether vending machines are profitable.

If that is your concern, worry not. Vending machines are profitable ventures, but only if they are done right. The first step is to identify the most profitable vending machine types depending on your location. Once you have this right, you can venture into the industry.

Fortunately, this article provides you with n authentic lists of profitable vending machines. Let’s dive in.

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Which Vending Machines Make The Most Money?

The good news is that starting a vending machine business is a relatively low-cost venture that will provide you with decent profit margins.

When done right, you can expect between $75 per week and over $300 per month with a vending machine. Here are the most profitable vending machines

  1- Snacks Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Snacks Vending Machines

While the location hugely influences your vending machine’s profitability, it is not a secret that those dispensing snacks are the most popular in all states.

People of different age groups and gender love snacks. The craving for chocolate bars such as Twix, Snickers, and Baby Ruth and the constant desire for chips like Cheetos, Doritos, and Lays is often strong.

Young and old alike would crave these sweet and crunchy tastes of what you have displayed in the machine. Before they know it, they have to spend money to satisfy their thirst.

You can also include snacks like crispy rice treats, cookies, beef jerky, and granola bars. Alternatively, you can include organic or vegan snacks to attract the vegan community. Regardless of the snacks you stock in your vending machine, you will likely make profits because they are loved by many and have long expiry dates.

You can place these machines in heavy foot traffic to get more customers. But how do you make profits? If you buy a bug of nuts at $1, you can charge $2 in the vending machine, thus realizing a $1 profit per transaction.

2- Soda Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Soda Vending Machines

Everywhere you go in the world, you will find Coca-Cola or other branded sodas. People love soda, making this type of vending machine popular across the globe.

Of course, you will profit more during warm weather since the demand for cold beverages skyrockets. If you operate in a region with warm or hot weather all year, your sales will constantly be high.

However, in areas with seasonal weather, the demand for sodas often plummets during the fall and winter months. And since you need refrigeration to operate soda vending machines, they can be expensive. Nevertheless, they are easy to stock, and their profit margins are often higher.

A soda price ranges from $1.5 to $3.00, depending on the location. If you buy in bulk at wholesale price, you can lower the cost, enabling you to earn at least $1 per transaction.

Modern soda vending machines come covered but have buttons, images, and names of soda brands for easy selection.

Some vending machine owners keep sodas and snacks on the same machine because sodas have limited brands. Customers can buy cans or bottled soda, and you can monitor demand to know how to stock appropriately.

3- Cold Food Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Cold Food Vending Machines

Cold food vending machines allow you to sell cold food like sandwiches, salads, and burritos. Customers can also buy breakfast items and complete meals for lunch or dinner.

Most of the food in these vending machines is often ready for eating, while others need reheating. You can also buy frozen food on cold vending machines.

Since these machines allow you to sell frozen or cold food, customers will buy fresh food. And many people love it that way.

The beauty of these machines is that they save you from investing a lot of money on short shelf-life items. If the fresh food runs out, you have frozen food you can sell. This vending machine is profitable because you can mix short-shelf food and those with longer shelf life.

And like soda machines, cold food vending machines need refrigeration, making them a little more expensive. But you will likely make more money if you place in high-traffic places like a college, hospitals, train stations, and office buildings.

4- Coffee Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Coffee Vending Machines

Did you know that Americans drink 146 billion cups of coffee annually, translating to millions of cups daily? Some of these coffee cups come from vending machines situated across the country.

It is clear that coffee is a profitable industry, but like most vending machine businesses, coffee machines require strategic planning.

How can you enhance the profitability of your coffee machine? Location is key. Your coffee vending machine will perform well in places with high demand for coffee, such as the airport, office buildings, car dealerships, medical centers, schools, and other places with people waiting around.

Ensure that the machine is regularly restocked and well-maintained.

What about pricing? You should ensure your prices are competitive and that the vending machine accepts different forms of payment like cash, card, and mobile payment.

Are coffee vending machines profitable? Yes, several coffee machine entrepreneurs report over 200% profit margin.

5- Ice Cream Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Ice Cream Vending Machines

If you want an opportunity to make extra money in the hot summer, an ice cream vending machine can be the real deal.

It is one of the fasted growing coin-filled ventures you can invest in and reap big. This business is easy to start without any experience since it requires small preparation to set up.

Children, teenagers, and adult love ice cream. It has even been used as a simple of love and romance.

And if you don’t have enough resources to buy a new ice cream vending machine, you can start with cheap refurbished ones and move from there.

These machines can provide ideal income streams if placed in appropriate locations. Furthermore, ice cream is popular globally, so you can also set up these vending machines overseas.

6- Bottle Water Vending Machine

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Bottle Water Vending Machine

Filtered water vending machines are the most famous coin-worked business administering cold filtered water to thirsty customers.

Like soda vending machines, they are more profitable during warm and hot weather.

How can you make water vending machines more profitable? You can place them in sports arenas, schools, public structures, gyms, parks, hotels, and workplaces. Water is a necessity, guaranteeing you sales throughout the day.

You should also ensure the machine is well-maintained and has a reliable filtration system. You could also install a vending machine with cold and hot water to cater to various weather conditions.

So, keep restocking and placing them strategically with lots of people to get good results. You can also increase profitability by offering discounts and loyalty programs to frequent users.

7- Newspaper And Magazine Vending Machines

Most Profitable Vending Machines
Newspaper And Magazine Vending Machines

You can also earn good profits from newspaper and magazine vending machines. These machines come with a display glass for customers to see new magazines or newspapers to read.

While the digital world is providing new information and content to readers through phones and computers, magazines and newspapers are still loved by many. Paper and magazine distributors can use these vending machines to distribute their products and make sales.

You can place these machines at bus and train stations, shopping centers, and airports. A perfect location should allow people the time to read, especially if the publication suits the audience.

Furthermore, your prices should be competitive and the vending machine well-maintained. It should accept all modes of payment, including cash and plastic paper.

Profitability Of Vending Machines

Generally, most vending machines make less than $5 per week. But if you have a well-placed vending machine, you can expect over $100 per week or even hundreds of dollars daily (Source: Houston Chronicle). Typically, vending machine revenues differ widely based on numerous variables, including locations, the type of vending machines, the products they sell, and marketing strategies.

While you may read rumors on the internet about people making $100+ per hour from vending machines business, these numbers are nothing but marketing ploys from machine companies.

You will profit from vending machines by making the best choices and focusing on long-term growth. It is not easy money or get-rich-quick scheme.

The chances of becoming a millionaire with a vending machine business are slim. So, avoid unrealistic claims. You will probably have to work extra harder and commit to learning to succeed in building the company.

You will also need several machines to make a substantial income from the business. One vending machine will not bring you the thousands of dollars you may wish for.

Some locations will require trial and error methods to find the ideal spot that brings in the profits. You may also change the prices and products until you find what suits different areas. But with persistent and strategic planning, you can make good profits with vending machines.

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Concluding Thoughts

Vending machines are popular sales machines that do not require your physical presence. Its profitability depends on the location, types of goods sold, and marketing strategies.

You can start with more than one machine if you have enough capital. This allows you to try different locations or states in the country. Once you know which products work well in a particular location, you stick with them.

Remember, you will need to stock take and restock products in the vending machine regularly. You will likely keep customers if they always find their favorite orders from your machine.

The competition is stiff, but you will stand out from the crowd with good research. Which vending machine has worked for you, and in which location?


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