Blog Vs. YouTube: Which One Should You Start?

Blog Vs. YouTube: Which One Should You Start
Blog Vs. YouTube: Which One Should You Start

Choosing between starting a blog and a YouTube channel to make money online is challenging. While they are both excellent content marketing platforms for growing your online business, they have different challenges. 

Blog vs. YouTube, which one should you start? Blogging will be a better choice if you love writing more than speaking into a camera. On the other hand, if it feels easier and more fun for you to turn on a camera and talk about the topics in your favorite niche, starting a YouTube channel will be better for you. 

In today’s Blog vs. YouTube guide, I help you find out what will work for you, enabling you not to waste financial resources and time on the wrong path. Also, check out my guide on blogging vs. vlogging.

Blog or YouTube: Which One Should You Start?

Whether you should launch a blog or a YouTube channel depends on what you enjoy the most. These businesses need your time and dedication, and investing in a venture you are passionate about is better. 

So, do you speaking as the camera rolls to create content? If so, then a YouTube channel suits you. It is fun to talk about various topics in your niche.

On the other hand, if you love writing, then blogging is a better choice. You can choose a suitable blog niche and produce quality content for your audience. Google and YouTube have millions of active daily users, meaning you’ll find an audience ready to consume your content

Now, let’s dive into the gist of this article. How do you choose between a blog vs. starting a YouTube channel in 2023? 

Blog vs. YouTube Channel: What Is The Difference?

One of the significant differences between a blog and a YouTube channel is that blogs are mainly written, although they may have embedded YouTube videos. In contrast, a YouTube channel is primarily videos, although you can publish the spoken soundtrack with a still cover image. 

You Can Choose One Platform or Run Both To Capture a Wider Audience

You publish blogs on a website as informative articles, news stories, or flash fiction. The content addresses the audience’s pain points and can move them to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product. 

However, a YouTube channel is an on-demand TV show. It allows you to publish new video episodes daily or weekly. Your audience can subscribe to your channel, allowing them to receive notifications when you post a new video. 

Blogs help your business grow because they drive traffic to your website. When you publish engaging and high-quality content that targets relevant keywords and user intent, Google will rank your content, and more people will visit your site.

You Can Convert These Visitors Into Customers and Make More Money

While a YouTube channel can also drive traffic to your website, it can do so indirectly. Most people on YouTube are content with the videos you create and may not visit your website. Nevertheless, you can still sell products from your YouTube channel through embedded links. 

Another difference is that you host blogs on dedicated platforms like WordPress as part of the website. On the other hand, a YouTube channel does not require hosting. 

But the question remains- between a blog and a YouTube channel, which one will serve your business better in 2023?

In the next segment, we will highlight why you may go with either as you ponder over blogging vs. YouTube channels. 

Is It Still Worth Starting a Blog?

If you question whether blogging is worth it, here are six reasons to boost your business. 

1- It is Suitable for Those With a Tight Budget

Setting up a blog is less expensive than creating a YouTube channel. You need less than $100 to buy a good-looking WordPress theme, domain name, hosting, and logo. 

Once you have created a running website, you can start writing, editing, optimizing, and publishing quality content. You will also distribute your content through email marketing and social media to increase traffic on your site. 

A YouTube channel requires a considerable investment in video equipment. You will need a camera, a mic, and video editing software. And if you are not a professional videographer, you may need to hire someone to shoot them. 

Starting a YouTube channel is more expensive than running a blog. 

2- It is Easier if You Enjoy Writing

If playing with words seems fun, starting a blog makes more sense. You will likely spend less time writing and editing words than shooting and editing videos

While you may need to include some images in your blog post, free tools like Canva and illustrator are easy to learn and use. You can design ideas for your blog quickly. You will spend most of your time writing. 

On the contrary, with a YouTube channel, you will spend most of your time recording and editing videos, which could take some time. 

3- It Improves Your Website’s SEO

Publishing blogs will help rank your website on search engines, thus generating more traffic. 

While your YouTube videos can rank higher on Google, they will not help your website. You will only enhance your YouTube traffic. 

4- You Own The Platform

Starting a YouTube channel means your followers are on YouTube rather than your website. If YouTube changes its rules, you may lose your audience. 

But with a blog, you own the website. Unless you flaunt Google rules or do illegal business, you always have your site running. 

5- You Can Be Anonymous

Since blogging does not involve videos, you can keep a low profile. No one will know your identity if you want it to stay that way.

However, for YouTube videos, people will hear your voice without showing your face. 

Blog Vs. YouTube: Which One Should You Start
Blog Vs. YouTube: Which One Should You Start

Good Reasons To Start a YouTube Channel Vs. a Blog

Do you love the camera? Here are reasons why Vlogging can be suitable for you. 

1- You Can Get Started Faster

If you already have a Google account, you can start a YouTube channel with just a few clicks. In addition, it takes, on average, 6 months for a blog to start ranking on a search engine such as Google.

Unlike a blog that requires choosing a web host and theme and creating a domain name, you can now get a YouTube channel

2- It Is Ideal For Those Who Love Talking

If you are one of those who could talk all day long but struggle to make coherent sentences with a keyboard, a YouTube channel has your name written all over it. 

3- YouTube Channel Suits Specific Niches

Some niches dealing in practical things requiring hands-on components are ideal for a YouTube channel. 

A good example is content like software tricks, tips, photo editing techniques, soundproof installation procedures, and car maintenance

4- Your Audience Love Videos

If your target audience prefers videos to the written word, you better give them what they want. Your audience helps your platform to grow, and you can only produce what resonates with them. 

Generally, the younger generation relishes videos more than older audiences. But rather than generalize them, know what your target audience wants and give them that. 

5- YouTube Videos Give You An Instant Connection

Unlike blog posts that disconnect the content from the author, videos allow your audience to hear your voice and see you.

This visual appeal provides an instant impression and a connection with your subscribers.

Blogging Vs. YouTube Income 

Here is the million-dollar question most people ask me: Is blogging more profitable than YouTube? In the short term, a YouTube channel could be more profitable. Blogging is a long-term game, but it will boost your website ranking.

If your business depends on SEO, a blog will be more profitable than a YouTube channel in the long run. 

So, How Much Can You Make as a Blogger?

A blogger’s earnings range from $38,440 to $51,906, averaging approximately $45,000. 

Nevertheless, several factors influence how much a blogger’s income. These factors include:

  • The duration you have been blogging
  • The traffic on your blog (number of people reading your content)
  • What you write about

But How Do You Make Money With Blogging?

Here are some things you can do:

What about a YouTuber? How much can you make with a YouTube channel? The money you make as a YouTuber depends on many variables, including how you monetize your channel. 

Here are some monetization options and how much you can make:

Sell advertisement space: Influencer Marketing Hub shows that, on average, a YouTube channel receives $18 per 1,000 ad views

Affiliate marketing: You can register with popular affiliate programs like ClickBack (offering between 1% and 7.5% commission) or Amazon network (paying up to 10% per sale). 

Become an influencer: According to WebFX, you can offer influencer marketing on YouTube if you have many subscribers. Here are the possible prices:

  • For 10,000 subscribers, a YouTube influencer makes $200 per video.
  • For 100,000 subscribers, an influencer makes $2,000 per video.
  • For 1,000,000 subscribers, a YouTuber earns $20,000 per post. 

What to read next:

Blog Vs. YouTube Channel: Which One Is Better?

We have reviewed these platforms’ strengths in the Blog vs. YouTube channel debate. Which one is better for you? It depends on what you love. If you feel comfortable with words and a keyboard, become a blogger. However, a YouTube channel suits you if you love talking and feel natural in front of a camera. 

The time for action is now. If you have yet to start an online business, I challenge you to start today. Between a blog vs. a YouTube channel, which one do you want to start?


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