Is Blogging Worth It? (Yes, and here’s why!)

Is Blogging Worth It

Thanks to the digital era, most businesses have adopted blogging as an effective content marketing strategy.

You might wonder, is blogging worth it? Blogging is worth it. Although it is not a walk in the park, creating relevant content that resonates well with your target audience can generate traffic and extra income for you and your business. Do not be left behind; instead, earn some dollars by monetizing your blog or using it to create awareness of your brand.

And while blogging may not make you rich overnight, your consistent effort and patience will take your business to the next level in the long run. 

You might be wondering how blogging will generate income for your business. This article provides enough evidence of why you need to use blogging to take your establishment to the next level. 

What Does It Take to Succeed in Blogging

It can be challenging for most beginners to identify the ideal blogging investment they need.

Furthermore, starting a blog from scratch is no easy task, but one should wisely invest if they are to enjoy the fruits in the future. 

1- Research An Ideal Niche

The niche you choose for your blog post will determine if you make money or not. You could be wondering which niche is ideal for you. Although the answer is different for everyone, the internet is awash with many established blog posts where you can begin a search for a viable niche. 

On the hand, you do not want to copy what already exists online; instead, identify a need that has not been addressed and make it your area of specialization. The content your target audience is looking for can help you determine your niche. 

Your research should help you identify an interesting niche that will last for a long time. Furthermore, the time and money you spend blogging should be able to pay you back in the future.

Therefore, identify an ideal niche that will help you be consistent with relevant content that meets the needs of your audience and makes you stand out on the online platform. 

If you are looking for a profitable blogging niche, I encourage you to read this article titled: 10 High Demand Blog Topics That You Can Start Right Now!

2- Blog Hosting and Domain Name

After you have identified the perfect niche for your blog, there is still another puzzle; how do you choose the right blog hosting platform and domain name? An impressive platform will progressively increase traffic to your site and allow you to start enjoying earning the dollars. 

Therefore, having a good hosting provider is essential to help you minimize any technical hitches that may interfere with your traffic or crash your system.

Furthermore, as a beginner, you may lack the specialized experience in running a blog, so hiring an expert will save you from costly problems.

You can hire a provider that offers a basic hosting plan at an affordable price. On the other hand, ensure the package is a high-quality service allowing you to upgrade to an advanced strategy as your blogging platform grows.

Another essential factor you want to remember is choosing a perfect domain name since it is the name people will type on their browsers to access your site.

Although some providers offer free domain names, find out if that could be ideal for your business in the long run. 

Most beginners to blogging start with Bluehost; check out the 10 Bluehost Pros and Cons and Everything you need to know before choosing Bluehost.

3- Develop a Unique Blog Design and Word press Theme

Since the internet is a buzz with various blogging platforms, choosing a unique blog design and word press theme is an essential factor. As a blogger, you will likely dedicate time, money, and effort to creating unique and quality content.

However, to attract an audience to your site, your blog should adopt a captivating design and theme that will entice people to visit and stay long enough to read your content

Moreover, a beautiful theme will expose your blog more on the online platform and help you rank on Google. Before you know it, your blog post may go viral as you get more traffic on your site; thus, allowing you to reap big from your blogging.

Are you wondering how you can create a unique blog design and theme? Do not fret because there are thousands of free themes on word press that can help you make a lasting impression on your audience

Furthermore, you can save time and money by acquiring a premium word press theme at pocket-friendly rates. Therefore, give your blog a fresh look to attract more traffic and make your blogging a full-time income avenue. 

Here are a few popular WordPress Themes:

4- Promote Your Blog

Once you attract a good number of potential audiences to your site, you can invest in promoting your blog to keep the momentum going. Social media is one of the most effective tools to advertise your blog.

However, since there is much competition on social media, it is essential to adopt intelligent strategies to stand out from other bloggers. 

For instance, you can take advantage of Pinterest due to its automation features that allow you to pin when your audience is active, pin several boards with one click, and schedule pins. This social media platform will save you time and enable advertise your blog to many people, thus, giving you value for your investment.

Promoting your blog posts is probably one of the most critical steps after publishing. Take advantage of YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and guest posting to spread the word and reach a wider audience. 

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5- Learning New Blogging Skills

Most bloggers who embark on the blogging platform often give up because they feel they lack the skills to succeed.

The good news is that advancing technology enables you to learn and acquire new blogging skills on your own or by enrolling in online classes. Some valuable skills you can invest in include:

  • Writing and Content Creation

Of course, you need to know how to create good content through deep research. Your audience expects informative and exciting content that addresses their needs. It takes time and sometimes money to improve one’s writing skills. 

  • Design Skills

Design skills will help organize your website and create images for your blog post without hiring someone. 

  • SEO Skill

If you want to improve your blog traffic and rank on Google, it’s crucial that you acquire SEO skills. 

  • Marketing Skills

Marketing your blog to the right target audience is an essential skill influencing your growth as a blogger. 

Is Investing In Blogging Worth It?

Statics show that persistent bloggers earn considerable money from their hard work. Over 90% of content marketers incorporate blog posts into their strategy, and the figures keep rising. This shows that blogging works. 

We have so far seen that it takes time, dedication, money, and skills to create successful blogs. But is this investment worth it? Will it pay in the long run?

A survey by Thrive my Way shows that pro bloggers (which is 4%) make more than $10,000 every month while digital nomad wannabe (1.9%) earns over $20,000 monthly. The survey also showed that bloggers under the My Work from Home Money category (8.3%) make over $ 10,000 monthly.

Some blog companies like Huffpost, Moz, Engadget, Copyblogger, Gizmodo, etc., earn tens of millions of dollars every year from their blogs. Evidence shows that blogging is worth the investment and sacrifice you put into it. 

But How Do Blogs Make Money?

You can make money with blogging in several ways, including Google AdSense, direct advertisement, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. You can turn your blog posts into an online course and sell your knowledge to others. Furthermore, you can make money by using your blog post to promote your eCommerce store

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How to Find a Niche for Your Blog?

Finding the right niche is somehow overlooked many times. And this is the most important part of the blog. If you find a niche with high competition, your niche will not get surfing as it has been gone down by high authority websites or if you find a niche with no public demand, your efforts will go in vain.

Here are tips on picking a niche for your blog that can generate heavy traffic to your website, and you will get a major income stream.

1- Select The Topic Which You Enjoy Most

When you think over the idea of starting your own blogging, you make a website, design it, edit it, and then publish your first article. But some people start losing interest after writing 2-3 articles.

The problem is that they didn’t choose the right niche for their blog. So, finding the right niche for your blog is very necessary.

The niche should be fun-filled, simple, enjoyable, and full of excitement. It could be your hobby, your work, your qualities; it could be anything. These topics don’t require extra thinking or expert advice as these niches are easily handled. When you talk about the niche, you just get more excited.

How do you find out that you select the best niche for your blog? You just do one thing: take out a pen and write the ten most interesting and exciting topics of interest. Then select the one that you want to write about it. This will ensure that you select the passionate and the right topic for your blog.

2- Check Market Value

Ensure you research the market, whether your topic has a big audience to watch or not, or how many people are there searching for that particular topic. Otherwise, your topic will become a hobby and will not attract surfers.

You should select a topic that has stable and rising surfers. Avoid those topics that have declining numbers of people or that topics do not last long. As a result, your topic will have great traffic on the internet, and it is also profitable.

Using Google Trends is an excellent way to check for your niche profitability, seasonality, or even decline.

3- Select The Smaller Niche

You can just write your topic on Google and check out the search results that appear on the topic. If your topic has broader value, it will show a huge amount of results, so to avoid this, you should pick up a smaller niche.

You will notice more keyword ideas in the below section when you go through the Google page. You’ll see that there are a lot of other low rivalry keywords you can focus on this subject.

This implies you’ll have a lot of incredible catchphrases to focus through your blog entries. You can also look at your niche on other social networking websites in order to see if it’s worth it. 

4- It Should Be Profitable

If you are thinking of earning good money from your blog posting, then you should select a profitable topic and help you earn a good income.

A simple method to test this is to check whether any brands or organizations are promoting your catchphrases.

In the event that individuals are spending cash on AdWords to promote items focusing on explicit watchwords identified with your specialty, at that point, you’ve picked the correct topic. A better approach is that you sell affiliate products on your blogs.

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Final Thoughts

Blogging requires time, money, hard work, patience, and discipline before you start earning the dollars. You will need to invest heavily in your craft and know the inns and out of search engines. 

It is also vital that you produce quality content that speaks to your readers. Ensure you promote your content on various platforms to reach as many people as possible. These investments will eventually pay off. 

Many bloggers and blogging companies ascertain that blog posts generate lots of monthly income. Other companies can pay you to sponsor their content, a blog post can help you promote your products, and you can use your site as an advertising page when you have enough traffic.  


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