Do Personal Blogs Make Money? (Let’s Find Out!)

Do Personal Blogs Make Money

If you search anything on search engines today, you will generate turns of results from many pages. Most of these results are simply blog posts from several global writers. 

It is estimated that approximately 7.5 million blogs are published daily, with 67% of bloggers claiming they are successful. 

So, do personal blogs make money? Personal blogs with page views between 10,000 to 100,000 a month can generally make $200 to $10,000 per month, which is 2 cents and 10 cents per page view from advertising. In addition, a personal blog owner can make $25 to $750 per sponsored post, depending on their niche, audience size, and sponsorship arrangement.

Although the blogging industry is inundated with articles from every niche, you, too, can have a share of this cake. Your questions will be answered here if you are wondering whether a personal blog is profitable. 

Read on to find out what is a personal blog post and what you can do to make yours a gold mine. 

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What Is a Personal Blog?

A blog is categorized as personal if it is based on the writer’s experiences and thoughts. They are often written in a first-person perspective, which means they are intimate and personal. They can cover a writer’s knowledge of specific topics, daily life experiences, interests, and hobbies. 

Publishing a personal blog is intended to educate readers and make money as it gains traffic. They can also involve researched articles addressing various in-demand issues. Instead of businesses or corporations, they are owned by individuals. 

A personal blog is worth it as it is a rewarding way to express yourself, document parts of your life to reflect on later, and connect with like-minded people Worldwide.

Can Personal Blogs Make You Money?

Personal blogs can help you make turns of money. The internet is full of stories of individuals who started personal blogs and now make millions of dollars every month from their sites. You have probably heard of Brian Clark and Tim Ferriss, who have had their breaks and built a multi-million-dollar empire from personal blogs through personal blogs.

So, if you want some motivation to jump-start that blogging business you have dreamed of for years, now you have it. 

You can be the next Brian Clack with lots of money in your bank account. You can also read several testimonials online about people who have succeeded with personal blogs. 

However, I have to tell you that to be a blogging titan takes lots of work. You will dedicate time, sweat, and tears to breaking through in this crowded industry.

There is no magic or luck with blogging; you have to work at consistently producing quality content that resonates with your audience.

Sometimes you may lose sleep writing and editing content. And sometimes, you may take considerable risks to invest money into your blog, not knowing if it will pay off. 

Like any start-up business, there is no guarantee you will reap returns from your investments and sacrifice. But if you continue to do the right thing and never give up, you will finally make a steady income from your personal blog

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How To Create a Stellar Personal Blog

If you want to make money with a personal blog, you need to know how to create one that people will crave to read. You want your audience to love and share your pieces, thus enabling your posts to rank on search engines.

Here is how you can go about it.

1- Know Your Audience

If you want to impress your audience with your pieces, you must know them. This helps to use suitable language that they can understand.

If your audience is from the medical fraternity, you will speak to them in scientific terms, but if they are from the business world, use business-related language to talk to like-minded.

2- Choose an Appropriate Topic

After establishing who you are writing for, you want to know what to write about. Of course, there are many trendy topics you can write about. Find out what your target audience would like to know about this topic. 

How will your article address specific pain points of your audience? Why would they spend time reading your article? I know you want to be exciting but avoid fluffy words. 

Most readers want straightforward solutions to their problems, not Shakespeare’s novel. 

3- Be Compelling

Write killer introductory statements that keep your audience hooked. These statements should be short and punchy.

Use the pronoun “you” so the audience can see you wrote with them in mind. The article should tell the reader what it is about and how it benefits them.

4- Properly Structure Your Content

Before you start typing the first words, create an outline to guide your writing and help you capture all the main points.

Arrange your content into headers and short paragraphs that encourage people to read. Your audience may not be interested in reading block paragraphs with lengthy sentences.

5- Check Spelling And Readability

Writing a blog is painstaking, so ensure you do not publish an unedited article with numerous spelling mistakes. Many personal blogs fail to grow because they were written hastily and published with many grammatical errors. 

It is essential to take time to create good content and allow the paper to rest for editing the next day when you are not tired. Use Grammarly to edit and proofread the article to ensure the sentences make sense.

6- Use Quality Images And Videos

Search engines love videos and photos that improve your content. And since humans are visual beings, you could include images to add value to content.

You can also include videos to explain what you have discussed. For instance, you can embed other people’s YouTube videos.

7- Optimize Your Content

You probably have heard about SEO if you are thinking about blogging. Optimized content is easy to find since it contains keywords your target audience will likely key into the search engines.

However, avoid keyword stuffing; use them naturally in the article while focusing on being informative to your audience.

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How To Make Money With a Personal Blog

Let’s tackle the elephant in the house and discuss ways of turning personal blogs into a gold mine. 

1- Attract Affiliate Links

Including affiliate links in your personal blog can help you make money. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products on your posts and earn commissions if your audience purchases from your link. 

If your audience considers you an expert in your blogging niche, they will likely buy the products you have recommended. 

So, first, build good traffic by publishing quality content, then join any popular affiliate marketing platform. You will receive a link to include on your blog, and when your site visitors purchase it, you earn the agreed commission.

Here are the best affiliates websites to get you started:

2- Build a Strong Email List

 As a blogger, you should aim at creating and building an email list. Entice your readers to subscribe to your content and keep their emails. 

If you have an extensive email list, the chances are you will make more money even from articles that may not have substantial organic traffic. You can always send these articles to your subscribers, who will see them and improve their traffic. 

Now, if you have some affiliate links on these pieces or sell eCommerce stuff, the chances are everyone on your list will see it. 

Statistics suggest that successful bloggers make between $0.5 and $2.00 monthly on every email subscriber. Assuming you have 1,000 email subscribers, you can calculate how much you can make every month!

3- Attract Direct Advertising

You can attract direct advertising to your personal blogs, charging advertisers advertisement fees for their banners on your site. However, first, you should persistently create quality content to generate traffic on your site. 

Advertisers often seek sites with high traffic. Google also provides advertising opportunities to high-ranking sites, so do everything right to build good traffic. 

While some bloggers lose heart in their first year and give up, you will reap big results if you persist with blogging.

If you can persistently post strategic content at least 3 times weekly, you can make between $1,000 and $10,000. If you do not give up, this number will increase to $500,000- $1,000,000 annually in the tenth year of your blogging

3- Earn Money Through Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way you can make money from your personal blog. Corporations and individuals can pay you to post articles to your site, directing people to their online stores. 

Besides the fees you will charge, the published article will attract new users to your site. However, you should ensure the content is relevant; otherwise, your audience may think you sold them cheap. They may lose their trust and could unsubscribe from your site. 

4- Build An eCommerce Store

Instead of selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing, you can sell, build an eCommerce store, and use your blog to promote the products.

However, this option is suitable for bloggers with a huge following. 

5- Make Money Through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is probably one the most popular way many bloggers use to make money. How does it work?

You create a free AdSense account and add a tracking code to the website. You earn money when users provide you with clickthroughs and impressions on Google ads.

The plus side is that your site does not need crazy traffic to help you make money with AdSense.  

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Final Thoughts

If you have always put off the prospect of starting a personal blog because you had second thoughts about its ability to generate revenue, this article has shown how much you will likely make it. 

It will not be an easy road, but if you persist with it and do the right things with your blogs, you will make money. Be patient, publish regularly, and you will smile at the bank. 

Good luck!


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