Can You Make Money Online by Java Programming?

Can You Make Money Online by Java Programming
Making Money Online by Java Programming

A question most students ask is can you make money online by Java programming? Java is used worldwide in countless applications for computers, smartphones, and tablets. The demand for programmers is high, so I did some research to see how I could get paid for coding online in Java.

You can make money programming Java online, especially for large-scale applications and data integrations. There also are plenty of opportunities for freelance programming. On average, it takes 1-2 years to become a confident Java programmer and get your first job.

If you know how to program in Java, or if you’re thinking about learning it, you may be wondering what your opportunities are for working online.

Keep reading to learn about the characteristics of Java programming, what makes it different from coding in other languages, and how you can make money online with Java programming.

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Types of Java Programming Jobs

Java is popular because it is an object-oriented coding language, and it runs quickly. Few other languages have both these characteristics, making it a valuable language to know.

Java is beneficial for applications, data architecture, and data integration because of its speed and object orientation.

As a Java programmer, some of the projects you’ll work on will include the following:

  • Gathering data needs
  • Programming architecture
  • Maintaining and optimizing systems
  • Testing code
  • Developing code
  • Deploying code
  • Managing projects
  • Liaise and collaborate
  • Managing vendors

In any coding project, there’s a lot of work done to make sure the code runs properly and efficiently. As a Java programmer, this means there are many opportunities for you to contribute and collaborate using your skills.

If you’re an experienced Java programmer, you may already know the wide range of projects you can work on. Next, I’ll point out some of the main routes to making money online through Java programming.

Application Development

Smartphones, tablets, and computers can run a massive number of different applications. The vast majority of these apps are programmed in Java.

As an application developer, you’ll be responsible for all or part of the code that runs the apps. Bigger, more complex apps tend to have more code, and you can optimize this code by troubleshooting, testing, writing, and rewriting.

You can also code the data architecture that the app’s functions are held to streamline it, making the app run faster and more efficiently for users. After all, nobody likes a big clunky app that takes forever to run.

You can search for Java programming jobs online to work with big companies on their apps. Application developers can expect to make between $80,000-$120,000 per year, with entry-level developers making closer to $50,000-$70,000 per year.

Data Integrations

Data Integrations combine data sets from different sources into one unified set. This is another common usage of Java programs today. While SQL is a popular programming language for data analysis within data sets, the actual transit of data from one set to another is usually mediated by Java code.

After it moves the data, the Java code then checks the data’s status and validates that everything has been transferred correctly. Having the data set intact is essential for any data analysis, regardless of language.

Data integration programming is another standard job for a Java programmer, particularly for large companies. Typically, Data Integration Developers can expect to make between $80,000-$120,000 annually.


Another popular way to earn money by coding Java online is by freelancing. You can find freelance programming jobs on several online platforms, such as:

On these sites, you can make a profile today and start applying for freelance Java programming jobs. Your coding projects as a freelancer will likely be more diverse than if you worked with a large company on their apps.

Freelancing jobs will also tend to have a faster turnaround time, so you should be highly confident in your programming skills to keep up.

Freelance Java programmers tend to make good salaries. According to, freelance Java programmers in the US earn an average of $106,268/year or $51/hour.

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How Easy Is It to Learn Java?

While Java is a popular programming language used worldwide, it has a steep learning curve. Many programmers say it is one of the hardest languages to learn, and Java programming jobs can be quite challenging.

Java is so hard because it has some high-level concepts and syntax beyond other programming languages. For example, classes in Java can have polymorphism and inheritance, affecting how they run. It also can be challenging to troubleshoot errors in the code.

You can start learning Java by taking online courses through sites like Udemy or Coursera. These will give you the foundation of how the language works. They’ll introduce you to things like variables and functions, which are the foundation for Java coding.

As with any skill, you’ll want to practice your Java programming so that you’re proficient and confident when you start looking for jobs. On average, programmers have at least 1-2 years of experience coding Java before getting their first programming jobs.

Remotely Programming Java Online

One advantage to programming, especially in the future, is you can do it remotely. All of your Java codings can be done on your personal computer and then exported and sent to your colleagues.

Java is supported on various platforms, which translates well to working remotely since the code can be run anywhere. You can code from home, anywhere in the world, and upload your work to run wherever it is needed.

If you’re looking to make money programming Java online and remotely, in particular, you may have more luck with freelancing opportunities. In general, freelancing is not as tied-down to a location as a full-time programming job. Nonetheless, plenty of application developers and data integration programmers also work remotely.

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Can You Make Money Online by Java Programming
Can You Make Money Online by Java Programming? –

Other Money-Making Languages to Learn

There are countless programming languages, and while Java is popular for app development, data integrations, and data architecture, other languages can also be useful, depending on what you’re programming.

  • PHP: PHP is a language close to Java in its applications. It is used in many apps and data structures and is particularly useful for managing databases.
  • Python: Python is another one of the most popular programming languages right now. It is straightforward, powerful, and versatile. Python has a much smaller learning curve than Java and may be more comfortable for beginners to jump into for their first projects.
  • C++: C++ is powerful and can be highly efficient. However, it is possibly even harder to learn C++ than Java and is not as widely used in apps and data integration.

The Future of Java

Currently, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages, but it’s been around for nearly 20 years. Will knowing Java always be valuable in the future?

Most programmers think that Java is here to stay. So many apps are already coded in it that making a switch to a new language would be hard. It is easier to keep everything in Java than it is to rewrite and translate it into other languages.

Plus, with the massive demand for Java programming jobs worldwide right now, more programmers are becoming experts in Java than in any other language. The coding workforce of the future will likely continue to work in Java. You’ll be able to make plenty of money online by Java programming in the future, as you can now.


Although learning and practicing Java takes many years to master, it will likely be a valuable skill for decades to come.

You can get started by applying to your first Java application development, data integration, or freelancing job today.


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