Shorts vs. Long Videos on YouTube: What’s the Right Approach?

Shorts vs. Long Videos on YouTube
Shorts vs. Long Videos on YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos worldwide. And, whether you’re an aspiring YouTube creator or an experienced one, one question you’re likely to ask yourself is whether you should make short or long videos.

The big question: Is it better to make short or long videos on YouTube? With long-form videos, it might take time to build subscribers and viewership. In contrast, shorts are more short-term. Creating shorts is an excellent way to quickly grow and strengthen your YouTube channel, mainly if you are a beginner. In addition, short videos generally have a higher retention rate and perform better for SEO and engagement. 

Read on to explore the pros and cons of both short and long videos and figure out which one is the right approach for you. Read this article if you wonder whether short videos make money on YouTube.

YouTube Short Videos

Short videos are videos primarily created through their mobile devices that are generally less than a minute long, and they are ideal for bite-sized content, such as snippets of a longer video, memes, or trailers. Short videos are great as they can be easily shared on social media platforms and used for creating trending content.

Brands and creators can take advantage of short videos to grab viewers’ attention and promote their brand through attention-grabbing angles or storytelling. Shorter videos are also great for channels that focus on things like vlogging, travel, or cooking, where the audience may be looking for quick tips or inspiration.

Shorts are perfect for content creators willing to attract younger audiences and experiment with new creative formats.

  • Shorts are excellent for showcasing specific talents, interests, hobbies or getting easy access to viral trends.
  • Moreover, they are a great way to interact with subscribers, engage with them through comments, and use hashtags for discoverability.

Long YouTube Videos

Long videos, on the other hand, are generally longer than 10 minutes and can include documentaries, tutorials, interviews, or long-form content. Long-form content is ideal for channels that have an in-depth approach and provide information-rich content.

Long videos are often used to dive deeper into a topic, whether it be sharing personal stories or breaking down complex theories. In general, long videos tend to get rewarded by YouTube’s algorithm, as they have a higher watch time and tend to be more engrossing, meaning that audiences stay engaged for longer.

Long videos are a great option for channels that aim to educate or entertain their viewers through long-form content because they can provide more value, and in-depth information, provoke more thoughts, and establish a deeper connection between creators and their audiences.

Pros and Cons of Short and Long Videos

Both short and long videos have their advantages and drawbacks depending on what sort of content you’re trying to create and who your audience is.

Here are the pros and cons of short and long videos:

  • Pros Of Short Videos:
    • One of the main advantages of short videos is that they can be created quickly, without a lot of planning or editing, and therefore they are easy to make in large quantities. With long-form content, however, many more resources are required for planning, scripting, and editing.
    • Shorts are great for promoting products, showing off specific talent, and engaging directly with your followers.
  • Cons Of Short Videos:
    • The main disadvantage of shorts is that the 60 seconds limit prevents creators from offering long explanations or creating intricate storylines. This kind of content should be organized in other video types, such as vlogs, tutorials, or documentaries.
  • Pros Of Long Videos:
    • Long videos tend to be more substantial and useful for content creators to build a loyal audience that comes back for more in-depth content.
    • Despite requiring more effort, longer-form videos have a longer shelf life, leading to future engagement and growing channels in the long run.
  • Cons Of Long Videos:
    • Long videos generally require promotion, scheduling, and creating thumbnail designs to make them more appealing to audiences.
    • Long videos require more production time and resources and engage viewers for a more extended period.

What is the Right Approach for You?

It ultimately comes down to what type of content you are making and who your audience is.

  • If you’re a channel focused on quick entertainment and engagement, you may want to stick to short videos.
  • If your focus is on more detailed and informative content, then you may want to create long videos to ensure you can be thorough and helpful.

I recommend you create both short and long videos, depending on your niche and audience; mixing up your content and incorporating both short and long-form videos can appeal to different types of viewers.

Also, remember that YouTube algorithms prioritize continuous watch time, so keeping track of how well your audience engages with different kinds of videos is paramount to building a successful channel.

It’s important to remember that with both short and long videos, quality is key. Ultimately, the key is to be authentic and provide value to your viewers. If you can consistently offer your audience entertainment or information they appreciate, you’re sure to find success in the world of YouTube.

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Wrapping Up

Creating content on YouTube is not a one-size-fits-all affair. As a creator, we always need to be experimenting and mixing different techniques to figure out what works best for our channel.

I believe that both short and long videos have a place on YouTube, and the key is to create quality content consistently and engage with your followers and other users across different social media platforms.

I encourage you to stay honest, transparent, and authentic with yourself and your audience, and the rest will fall into place.


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