Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube? Let’s Find Out!

Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube
Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube

With the rise of social media, Instagram and YouTube have emerged as two of the most popular platforms for both creators and businesses. Both Instagram and YouTube are great for showcasing your brand and connecting with your audience.

So, Instagram vs. YouTube, which platform is easier to grow on? Because of discoverability (how easy it is for new people to find your content), growing an audience on YouTube can generally be easier than on Instagram. However, YouTube videos require much more time and effort and creating helpful and high-quality content.

Read on to explore the advantages and disadvantages of both Instagram and YouTube and find out which one is easier to grow on. You might also enjoy reading: Blogging and YouTube; which one is more effective for your content?


Instagram is a visual platform that has evolved from being just a photo-sharing app to a platform that includes videos, stories, and reels. Instagram is easy to use and requires minimal equipment to create content. It is a great place to showcase your products, services, and brand values. In addition, Instagram has a massive user base with over a billion monthly active users with 1.44 billion monthly actives users by 2025 (Source: Statista)

With consistent posting and effective use of Instagram’s features, I believe that you can grow on Instagram organically. Instagram also has a huge population of influencers and businesses, making it a platform with ambassador and influencer mindset making it easy to monetize your account through sponsorships.

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Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube


YouTube has a higher barrier to entry. Unlike Instagram, YouTube is all about both short and long-form video content, which requires more effort to produce. Also, YouTube’s algorithm is more complex, and the competition is higher.

However, YouTube has a loyal and engaged community that can help you gain traction and grow your subscribers. More importantly, YouTube also offers monetization options such as ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, which can help you turn your channel into a profitable business.

Also, unlike Instagram, YouTube is more search-based when it comes to finding audience viewers. With YouTube’s advanced algorithms, videos can gain millions of views even months after posting. YouTube’s revenue program enables creators to earn money from their content based on the number of views their videos generate.

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Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube

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Wrapping Up: Is it Easier to Grow on Instagram or YouTube?

When it comes to growth, Instagram is easier to gain followers quickly, but YouTube provides more long-term benefits. Instagram can help you build a following faster, but converting those followers into customers or subscribers is more difficult.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Instagram is the perfect platform for those just starting, creating a community feel, and presenting a brand. Instagram is user-friendly and allows you, as a creator, to get engagement quickly, leading to the right people finding your content.
  • YouTube, on the other hand, is more suited for a creator who has a specific niche and is willing to invest the time, money, and resources necessary to get content production and distribution right. Also, YouTube prioritizes audience retention and engagement over quick attraction and rewards consistency and quality over quantity.
  • Instagram may require less effort and provide quicker results, while YouTube offers more long-term benefits and revenue opportunities.
  • On the other hand, YouTube can be more challenging to get traction initially, but the platform rewards content creators with higher engagement rates, long-term traffic, and monetization opportunities.

I believe that with consistent effort, hard work, and strategy, you can make both platforms work for you and your brand. Remember, at the end of the day, it is not about the platform you’re on; it is about the content you’re creating and how you connect with your audience.


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