Is SiteGround Good For Beginners? (Here’s the truth!)

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Is SiteGround Good For Beginners

If you have created a website for blogging, an eCommerce site, or a company site, you may be looking for ideal web hosting that suits your experience and needs. 

SiteGround comes at the top of the search list if you are looking for web hosting services. However, many blogs overwhelm beginners with technical terms such as HTTP/2 or PHP version when what you need is a beginner-friendly way to make an eCommerce site.

Is SiteGround good for beginners? SiteGround is perfect for beginners as it offers online chat if you have any questions. In addition, SiteGround is a popular and reliable web hosting giant company trusted around the globe by many big corporations. 

Read on to find out more about the various SiteGround features and how they affect beginners. 

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What Makes a Web Hosting Company Ideal For Beginners?

I worked with website owners who did not know how to make price alterations on their eCommerce sites. Some also struggle with posting articles on their sites; they have to request freelancers to help them do these simple things. 

Beginners are looking for simple and easy-to-understand web hosting. Here are the criteria I expect a beginner-friendly web hosting service to have:

1- It Should Have One-Click Website Installers

A web hosting that will benefit beginners should make it simple to install any software they want to use on the website.

The procedure of installing WordPress or software should not be lengthy. It should take a one-click installer, requiring the owner only to enter basic details, while the web hosting tool handles the rest

2- The Web-Hosting Tool Should Be User-Friendly

Besides being a one-click installer, a beginner-friendly host should allow you to use its dashboard to control things like SSL certificates, email accounts, and backups.

The hosts should have custom hosting dashboards that resonate with beginners, allowing them to perform advanced actions without hiring the services of tech gurus. 

3- It Should Provide Helpful Features Such As Email Hosting

You may think that web hosting is all about hosting your website, but there is more to it. It should also help you customize your email address.

The hosting tool should make it easier for beginners to create and manage their domain and email addresses.

4- Affordable

Beginners are only starting their businesses and would love to save for jumpstarting their establishments. If you start off with an expensive host, you will weigh down your bottom line before you even learn the ropes of operations.

Beginner-friendly web hosting should not cost more than $10 a month. Once you have grown your business and want to expand, you can spend more on web hosting with additional services. 

5- It Should Have Excellent Documentation And Support

Even the most user-friendly dashboard can run into issues, prompting you to request a helping hand. Quality documentation can help you learn critical features for future reference.

The host should also provide 24/7 support, allowing you to seek immediate help on things you may not understand or in case of challenges arise

6- It Should Be Secure

As a beginner, choose a host that has been operational for a long time and has built a stellar reputation in security.

The host should ensure the website is secure and run smoothly. The website should not be easy to hack or attack, which could affect the site’s speed and efficiency. 

7- Speed

Visitors do not like websites that take long to load; therefore, a web host should ensure that the site loads super-fast.

Site loading speed also affects its rankings on search engines, with Google prioritizing fast ones.

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Are SiteGround’s Products Suitable for Beginners?

SiteGround has unique products that make it easy for beginners, including WordPress hosting, Shared Hosting, and WooCommerce Hosting

Furthermore, these offerings are scalable, so you can grow your website without being anxious about the technical backend. 

These products suit different websites, as I will demonstrate in a while. 

Shared Hosting

SiteGround is undoubtedly suitable for beginners, and Shared Hosting proves this fact. This service is at the tool’s entry-level, explicitly made for beginners.

Shared Hosting is a cheap web hosting package that allows beginners to launch their website successfully. The prices are as low as $2.99 monthly. I believe that is manageable for any beginner with limited capital. 

Their Shared Hosting plans are generous. Unlike other web hosting platforms, they don’t limit their plans excessively. And SiteGround does not degrade its services at this low price; you still get most of its quality services. 

For instance, they provide free email bedsides domain names. On the other hand, some web hosts demand that customers pay tons of money for email creation. 

WordPress Hosting

We all know that WordPress is one of the best CMS for anyone green at website building. Beginners will find WordPress easy to learn, thus making it ideal for running a website. Furthermore, it does not require a lot of time to learn. 

With several free templates on WordPress, you can customize your website how you like it. WordPress also offers free plugins to install and extend your website’s functionality

The plugins allow you to add any feature you want to your website. Moreover, if you do not find a suitable free plugin to address your specific need, WordPress has thousands of premium plugins you can buy and use. 

SiteGround has a better deal, charging similar prices for WordPress as Shared Hosting pricing. At an affordable price of $3.99, the company hosts your WordPress website and all it contains

WooCommerce Hosting

Most beginners aim to run an eCommerce website where they can publish blogs and sell products. WooCommerce is of the best platforms to build your online store.

Fortunately, SiteGround provides WooCommerce Hosting, allowing store owners to sell their digital and physical products quickly. The presence of WordPress on SiteGround makes WooCommerce even more popular among beginners.

If you choose SiteGround, it is easy to launch WooCommerce since it is pre-installed on WordPress. Launching and customizing an online store has never been so easy! WooCommerce from SiteGround makes it simple to manage a digital store. 

Furthermore, the pricing plans for hosting WooCommerce are affordable, like WordPress hosting plans. Your site also benefits from a free email address, free daily backups, and free CDN service for enhancing website speed. 

If you intend to create a serious online business, we advise you to buy the GoGeek plan, which has numerous profitable features.  

SiteGround Features That Make It Easy For Beginners

Besides offerings and products, SiteGround’s features also make it ideal for beginners to run their websites. Consider a few of these features:

1- Easy-To-Understand Dashboard

SiteGround provides simple and easy-to-understand web hosting dashboard panels for beginners. Unlike other web hosts whose dashboards require hours to grasp, you can understand SiteGround’s control panels within minutes. 

You can manage everything from WordPress admin to directly uploading files to the server quickly from the dashboard. 

Additionally, the dashboard displays quick statistics about server usage, helping you know whether you need to upgrade.

2- Stellar Customer Support

SiteGround is famous for its customer support experience. If you encounter any issues with your website, you can contact the hosting team, and within minutes they will descend on your problem.

The support is available 24/7, meaning you can call anytime. 

3- Speed

SiteGround runs its server on the premium Google Cloud Platform, which enhances your website loading speed. 

4- Security

This company has been in business for a long time and provides excellent security features for your site. 

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10 Pros and Cons of Using Siteground

Although SiteGround is considered one of the best web hosts in the world, it is not ideal for every business.

Don’t get me wrong, I will undoubtedly recommend SiteGround to beginners without thinking twice, but things often have two sides. Consider some benefits and drawbacks before making your decision. 


  1. It guarantees adequate security, improved performance, and speed because of its Google Cloud-powered servers, enhanced protection, and ultrafast PHP. 
  2. Its customer support system is second to none, providing customers with a quick, 24/7 response to queries.
  3. Unlike other web hosting companies that charge for email addresses, SiteGround offers clients free emails. 
  4. You receive free CDN, making your website faster.
  5. Clients also receive free private DNS that you can use with domain names.
  6. SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back if you are unsatisfied with the features or services. 
  7. WordPress Hosting- since SiteGround provides WordPress Hosting plans, you can manage your WordPress website easily.


  1. It only offers Linux services, meaning if you are hoping for Windows-based servers, SiteGround is not your pick.
  2. It does not have cPanel; instead, it uses “Site Tools,” a control panel supported by NGINX and Google Cloud. Therefore, you can’t use LiteSpeed with this tool. 
  3. It is expensive. SiteGround is not the cheapest web hosting company for beginners. However, if you are looking for cheap web hosts, you must be willing to sacrifice reliability, support, and ease of use. 

Wrapping Up

Is SiteGround ideal for beginners? Yes, SiteGround is one of the best web hosts you can go for as a beginner in 2022. 

If you are building an eCommerce site or a blog website, SiteGround is your best bet. They guarantee you speed, security, and customer support. You will also delight in WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting. 


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