9 Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad

AutoCAD is a wonderful drawing tool developed by Autodesk Inc, USA, and has more or less eliminated drawing boards used earlier by architects and engineers. AutoCAD is also used to craft 2D and 3D structures of homes and other buildings to give customers a virtual view of a building from three dimensions.

So what are the different ways to earn money online with AutoCAD? There are nine best different ways to earn money online with AutoCAD: 

  • Laser cutting
  • Selling existing plants on websites
  • Creating tutorials for others
  • Seeking out businesses 
  • Seeking out construction component manufacturers
  • Seeking out jobs as a freelancer
  • Creating a Youtube channel
  • Creating a niche website on AutoCAD
  • Creating a paid course on Udemy

Read on to discover in greater detail how you can make money online with AutoCAD from the comfort of your home. And wherever you live in the world, you can use all or one of these ways to make money online with AutoCAD.

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Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad
9 Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad – theentrepreneurjourney.com

How to Earn Money Online With AutoCAD

You can earn money online with AutoCAD. Here’s how to earn money online with AutoCAD:

 1- Laser Cutting

You can start by preparing designs for laser cutting, and then you can send these designs to a laser-cutting place, which can create a product for you. Now that you have a product, you can create a Facebook or Instagram page to sell your product online.

For instance, you can create custom keychains and sell them to people or create signs out of high-quality plastic or wood and then sell them to businesses or people who want to place them on their doors.

Opportunities for businesses are endless; the only skill you need is some basic knowledge of AutoCAD.

2- Selling Existing Plants on Websites

Take your existing drawings from school or previous projects or jobs, and then you can place them on websites and sell them. If you’re happy with how it works and how the sales are going then you can take the time to create some drawings specifically for selling them on these websites.

There are already a bunch of websites that sell drawings or give them out for free, but if you create some dynamic blocks this may be a bit easier to sell because they’re quite useful.

And because people aren’t probably going to pay a lot of money for a single AutoCAD block it might be a good idea to group them together and then sell them as packs. 

This is a very good business model because it’s based on passive income. You do just a little bit of work now, and then you can make money for years to come.

Websites to Sell AutoCAD Drawings:

3- Creating Tutorials for Others

If you’re good with AutoCAD, you can help other students get good at it as well. You can start by helping some students that are just starting out and need to learn some basic skills in AutoCAD. You can also teach students that already know some AutoCAD but have some complex projects they need your help with.

When you start, try to think big and don’t constrain yourself just to your school. You can advertise in different schools on bulletin boards, or even better; you can advertise on some student Facebook groups or create your own separate Facebook page or Instagram just to advertise your services to students.

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Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad
9 Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad – theentrepreneurjourney.com

4- Seeking out Businesses 

Many businesses in your country are looking for AutoCAD experts. You can directly contact them, understand their work, and compile how you can add value to their business.

Some companies may require you to create AutoCAD drawings by providing you with a hard copy of a project.

For example, a real estate agent might need somebody to do house plans for him/her or maybe a carpenter to do custom kitchens. She or he needs somebody who can do drawings for some wooden elements for a custom kitchen.

There are always businesses looking for someone with some AutoCAD skills.

How to Get Started

  • Create models according to Autocad drawings.
  • Translate autocad formatted sheets.

5- Seeking out Construction Component Manufacturers

Many architects are old school and not interested in learning CAD. If you’re an expert in AutoCAD and work fast and well in technical drawings, you would be desirable to many architects and designers.

You can offer just to draw their components or their products in AutoCAD and then place those blocks on some websites that give out free AutoCAD blocks. This might be a great way for them to promote their products.

How to Get Started:

  • Create a profile on freelance websites
  • Send your profile as an AutoCAD consultant to architects. 
  • Do Not ask for a job but do it for free. 
  • Let them know you can help them with their construction or civil projects with your AutoCAD skills. 
  • Use email strategy to reach out to potential customers. 
  • You can also contact people using newspapers.
  • Use social media platforms to market your skills.
  • Network on Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn for project work, and get into as many groups as possible.

Key Points to remember:

  1. Give yourself enough time to build your profile on any freelancing website.
  2. Be consistent in posting your work.
  3. Focus on keywords when you are marketing your skills
  4. Always try different strategies, and your hard work will definitely pay off one day

How to get Clients:

Using social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn

6- Seeking out Jobs as a Freelancer

Start by creating your profile on freelancing websites, mainly Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and LinkedIn. When you are starting you’re just a freelancer in a sea of other freelancers, and the chance for you to get a good-paying job is quite low.

However, if you work hard, push through the competition, and get some amazing reviews, you will get high-paying jobs.

You can also land a full-time job with one of these employers that you find through one of these freelancing websites.

You can reach international customers directly and can earn in USD dollars. For instance, you can start by designing logos and start earning about  50$, depending on your experience.

Freelancing is a really nice platform to earn while sitting comfortably on your couch at home. You need to know how to create an appealing profile and attract buyers. Also, good reviews will help boost your ranking.

How to Get Started?

  • Start small on job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru.com.
  • Try to start with lower prices than you would typically get, but once you have established and developed a good portfolio, you can raise your prices and be pickier about your clientele.
  • Once you are established, then start working on marketing directly because, on those job sites, you are also competing globally.
  • Find a niche that you are good at, and become an expert.
  • If you want to turn it into a business, I recommend reading everything you can about positioning and business development.
  • Browse AutoCAD freelance jobs on Upwork

I would also recommend you not stop freelancing. Freelancing may be a good start, but you will be making little money for the insane amount of time you may have to work on it. Instead, opt to reach out to people who will pay you TOP dollars to learn from you.

7- Creating A Youtube Channel

Start a YouTube channel and give free courses on AutoCAD. Very few good YouTube channels teach AutoCAD efficiently; you can teach people worldwide through your tutorial views.

You can create a YouTube channel in your mother language or any other to teach others how to use AutoCAD easily and simply.

You will make money with your Youtube channel through affiliate marketing, Youtube ads revenue, and also selling your services on freelancing websites.

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8- Creating a Niche Website on AutoCAD

You can also start your own website and add both videos and articles for people to learn how to use AutoCAD. In the long run, you can also make money with your website with ads. 

Create designs using Auto CAD software, publish them, and let people know how talented you are. It will help you build an online presence and reputation.

9- Creating a Paid Course on Udemy

You can create a paid course on Udemy or any other educational site. Ensure your course is good and provide your customers with value so that your rating doesn’t affect your earnings. If people love your course, they will enroll, and you will get money.

You can also work as a teacher in some institute to teach online; you will get paid for building your client base and actively being in touch with your students; these students will bring you projects someday.

You can also provide classes to people who want to learn AutoCAD online or offline.

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Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad
9 Best Ways to Earn Money Online with Autocad – theentrepreneurjourney.com

How To Find Online AutoCAD Jobs?

The type of freelance work you can find depends on your technical knowledge and experience. 

You can work as a freelancer to get jobs on AutoCAD working from home; there are many excellent and reliable freelancing websites where you can easily find jobs on AutoCAD and get yourself hired.

  • When offering your service, try to specify which AutoCAD software you have experience using, 
  • Any relevant projects you worked on and technical education. 
  • Make sure not to offer to do a job unless you know you can complete it to the customer’s expectations. 
  • It might take time for you to build your portfolio.

Final thoughts

Overall, these are the best ways to earn money online with AutoCAD, and the opportunities for making money online with AutoCAD are endless.

 For any engineering work nowadays, Autocad knowledge is essential. Start by joining engineering forums first, where you will meet many people in your field and get knowledge about better opportunities. The best ways to earn money online with AutoCAD are:

  •  Do laser Cutting, 
  • Sell existing plants on websites
  • Create tutorials for others 
  • Seek out to Businesses
  • Seek out to construction component manufacturers,
  •  Seek out jobs as a freelancer
  • Create a Youtube channel
  • Create a niche website on AutoCAD
  • And create a paid course on Udemy

You can start making money today with your AutoCAD skills wherever you live and no matter your AutoCAD skills level. People are looking for you. 


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