How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job? (With 9 helpful tips)

How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job
How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job –

You have set up a blog and chosen the right blog niche, but you also have an emotionally and mentally draining job.

Your personal life is also laden with responsibilities that need your attention. How can you write consistently and make blogging the best side hustle?

In this blog, I propose practical suggestions to help you blog consistently despite a draining job and busy life.

Let’s get into it how to consistently blog with a draining job.

Tips To Consistently Write With a Draining Work

If writing is your passion and you want to grow your blog, I understand why you are concerned about blogging consistently.

You can only build a loyal audience by consistently producing quality content. Furthermore, Google and other search engines reward consistency, including social media sites.

And because writing requires a certain level of emotional energy, a draining job can take a toll on you. Consider these helpful tips to help you consistently write even with a draining job.

1- Set And Organize Your Writing Time

Do you have blogging time? By blogging time, I mean the time you have intentionally set aside to write. I could be 30 minutes or 1 hour early in the morning before you go to work.

This means you want to get rid of time wasters. Most people wake up and spend their morning scrolling through Facebook; you could limit these time wasters to maximize productivity.

If you have set the time for blogging, be aware of activities eating this time.

In the morning, you are fresh, so avoid wasting time. Even some good practices, like cooking, can suck time away if you are not conscious.

This is how you ensure your time is well utilized:

Have a pen and notebook ready where you write down everything you intend in your blogging hour. You can use timestamps to estimate the time for each action, even small details.

This may appear daunting, but you will reap big payoffs.

Tracking your time will also help you know where you are wasting time and by how much. You can then make needed changes to be more productive.

My friend John employed this method and discovered that he spent around 14 minutes checking Twitter before he could start blogging. He stopped and is more productive.

2- Divide Your Blogging Time

Consistently writing blogs requires that you read regularly. Research is part of blogging time, so allocate this time. It could be 15 minutes of reading other blogs or relevant books.

After reading, then you can create an outline and head to work. The next day you can begin writing the blog post.

Remember, it may take longer to create one article if you have a draining job.

However, planning blogging activities and dividing essentials and non-essential tasks will give you plenty of satisfaction. You will also achieve more with this method.

3- Write Down 5 Blogging Ideas/Topics Daily

One of the things that can take up all your blogging time is selecting an ideal blog topic to write about.

How do you smash this task? Write down at least 5 blogging topics or ideas as you do your work. You carry great ideas in your head even if you never realize them.

If you are going through your emails in the office, and a blogging idea comes to mind, write it down. You overhear an interesting office conversation or read a social media post.

Basically, you are surrounded with ideas only if you care to look. And there is no bad idea; write it down; you will weed out those you don’t want later.

James Altucher once recommended carrying a waiter’s pad in your pocket to help you gather ideas.

This pocket-sized notepad will allow you to collect the idea while it is still hot. You can get a waiter’s pad on Amazon for a reasonable price; here is a link.

Here is an encouragement:

Absurd ideas can sometimes prove more fruitful than normal ideas. So, have your book and take note of silly ideas; they could inspire you to build your blog despite draining work.

How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job
How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job? (With 9 helpful tips) –

4- Write On The Go

Let’s say you have a blog topic that you believe will interest your audience. Your blogging time can be late in the evening or early in the morning.

But how can you make the best of your working time? You can coin an introduction of your blog in your head while working and jot down the skeleton.

One of my friends, a copywriter, gets some of her ideas at a coffee shop or restaurant with colleagues.

If you plan to make money with blogging, writing could be one way you organize your finances before quitting your draining job. So, every time is writing time.

This is why I emphasized the need to carry your waiter’s or notepad at all times. Your spare time allows you to think about the important things in your future- blogging.

But what if you are a digital person? That brings us to tip number #5

5- Blog With Your Phone

Your phone is a mining computer that can do more than call or answer texts and emails.

You can create content, publish, and share it from your phone. If you are wondering how to do this, here is how to create a blog post on your mobile device.

Before you begin, ensure you have a word processor that you can easily use and access on the go.

I prefer Google Docs because it is cloud-based. Furthermore, you can easily sync your files from mobile applications and desktops.

Google docs also have a standard word processor, is flexible, and is easy to use on the phone.

Alternatively, you can use tools like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote, but I recommend Google Docs. 

The beauty of using your phone is that you can begin working on an article while traveling or when stuck in traffic.

If there are things like research or finding media that you can’t do quite well on your mobile device, you can note them in the brackets so that you can refer to them later on your computer.

Nevertheless, I still recommend carrying a notepad, even if you have your tablet or phone. Writing ideas on a waiter’s pad is easier, especially when you are pressed for time.

6- Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Let’s be honest; you may not write every day. Some days come with crazy schedules with barely enough time to eat, so scheduling writing time can even be more draining.

On other days you will wake up to an emergency at home, and writing a blog can be challenging.

Blogging requires a calm mind and heart, so if some days are extremely exhaustive, give it a pass. Just ensure a week does not go by without writing.

7- Use AI writing tools

AI writing tools can help you generate content faster. These tools use machine learning algorithms to produce content that your audience is searching for.

You will feed the software with correct and clear instructions on what type of content you want, and it will produce just that.

However, don’t over-rely on these tools. You still need to proofread and edit the blog post to correct grammatical mistakes and give it personality.

Your readers deserve engaging and compelling articles; work on the final product and make it enjoyable.

AI writers push you a step further in your blogging journey. And since you have a draining job, you will likely experience writer’s block faster. AI writing tools can help you with ideas you could not find anywhere else. 

8- Get Motivated

This may sound weird, but it works. Sometimes, you are in a rut with your blogging because you have no desire to get up and do it.

You have a draining job, but the strength is back on the weekend. So why are you not writing? Lack of motivation could be the problem.

How Do You Get Motivated?

  • Spend some time listening to motivational speeches or recorded seminars. They will reaffirm the need to grind and accomplish your goal.
  • We can do this with some motivation from time to time. Humans need a reminder of their potential.
  • Set simple writing goals and religiously achieve them one at a time. Before you know it, you will publish a blog weekly, thus growing your audience.
How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job
How To Consistently Blog With a Draining Job? (With 9 helpful tips) –

9- Reduce Your Workload

If your job is emotionally and physically draining, you can discuss how to reduce your workload with your boss.

I believe that working for yourself in the future as a blogger is worth every investment.

Requesting a reduced workload could also mean less pay. So simplify your life and dedicate time to building your blog. The sacrifices will be worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts

Can you blog when you have a draining job? Yes. You do not need to write over 1000 words daily to blog. You can achieve your goal of growing and monetizing your blog by consistently writing something.

Is blogging worth all the effort? Absolutely. It will allow you to become your own boss. You may one day toss away the draining job and work whenever and wherever you want.


How are you managing your daily work with blogging? Kindly share your tips in the comment section below.


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