Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers? (Here’s the truth!)

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Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers
Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers? (Here’s the truth!) –

The digital world is flooded with artificial intelligence. Everywhere you look, from your phone to computers and other gadgets you use at home, you can’t help but notice AI.

Bloggers also use AI writing tools to generate content. However, some worry that using machines to create content is not a good idea.

Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers? AI writing tools can help you create blogs and speed up your writing; however, I don’t recommend solely relying on AI writing tools without fact-checking and reviewing and personal touch to your articles. 

More importantly, can AI writing tools replace humans in content creation? Will free ai writing generators steal your writing job? This article addresses these concerns by highlighting the pros and cons of AI writing tools.

Let’s dive into this discussion to find out more.

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How Smart Are AI Blog Writing Tools?

If you are used to creating your own content, you may wonder if AI writers are smart enough. Well, I will tell you they are pretty smart. AI is familiar to us. These tools have been here much longer than most people think.

Have you ever heard the term “machine learning or deep learning algorithm?” It is computers handling tasks that often require human intelligence.

Let’s use an example to understand machine learning. If you have purchased online or browsed products, you may find similar recommended products on Facebook or YouTube.

How is that possible?

The machine learned your preferences based on your past searches.

Ai writing tools use a similar approach when generating content. One of the best ai blog writing tools- Jasper, uses a deep-learning algorithm that enables it to interpret the data provided to create relevant content. 

Some big corporations like Amazon use these algorithms to generate product descriptions by examining past customer searches.

But how can a blogger utilize AI writing tools?

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How Bloggers Can Use AI Writers?

It sometimes takes work to generate multiple contents daily. And as a blogger, you will likely experience writer’s block. And that is where AI writers come in.

Here is how you can utilize them.

Research: AI writing tools will help you with research, giving you keywords that may not be available on your database. With these tools, you can track trends in specific industries to produce relevant ranking content.

Writing: AI writing assistants can quickly help you generate blog content, newsletters, emails, ads, or landing pages. You will save time while creating relevant, quality content that addresses your readers’ needs.

Designing: Did you know that there are AI tools for designing images and posters? AI tools like Adobe Spark and Canva are excellent tools that can help you create images for your post faster than ever before.

Now let’s consider something I know is in your mind- the pros and cons of AI writing tools. This section will help you understand what AI cannot do and where you come in.

If you have a full-time day and wonder how To Consistently Blog while working, I wrote a whole article that I encourage you to read.

Pros of AI writing Assistant

AI content generators are smart tools that can help you generate content faster. Consider some of their advantages.

1- They Can Help You Overcome Writer’s Block

If you create tonnes of content for your website or your client’s website, you know what I mean by writer’s block.

Some bloggers get into a creative rut, which can be challenging when you need to fulfill the demanding content calendar.

But with AI writing tools, you can overcome this syndrome. You will get back into the game since the machine allows your brain to cool down as you think of new ideas.

In fact, you can spark your creativity by using these tools. Although AI writing tools may not write everything perfectly, they will utilize your instruction well, and you will get new ideas from their content.

So, if you experience writer’s block, turn to AI writers to get ideas rolling on your draft. The sample from the AI writing tool will anchor you so that you can begin.

Fortunately, you can utilize free AI writing tools before you can upgrade to premium accounts.

2- They Help You Write An Outline Faster

Creating long-form content requires an outline, but generating one is not easy. However, AI writing tools can help you create an outline faster, which you can utilize to write a draft.

You can leverage their outline feature regardless of your preferred AI writing generator. These tools use the data and instruction you have fed them to generate your desired outline.

Once the outline is produced, you can begin writing the content.

And we have all been there. You have ideas, but you cannot properly organize your thoughts. The outlining capability of an AI writer can prove helpful in these instances.

Experienced content writers love the outlining feature of these tools because it helps them move past the ideation phase faster.

Creating an outline and organizing your ideas into a draft can be time-consuming. But with these AI tools, you expedite your content creation process.

3- They Can Improve Your Website’s Traffic

AI writing assistants helps with appropriate keyword generation, allowing you to create quality content.

If you include these keywords at the right places in your blog posts, you may rank on search engines and drive traffic to your site.

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Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers
Are AI Writing Tools Good For Bloggers? (Here’s the truth!) –

Cons of AI Writing Assistant

All may not be rosy with AI writing tools. After all, they are just machines. You should not over-rely on the devices, and here is why.

4- They Require Human Involvement

Ai writing tools cannot think on their own to generate content. They still require your involvement to give them clear instructions.

And once the content is produced, you will still need to read through it to see if it makes sense and addresses your audience’s needs.

5- You Will Need To Proofread And Edit

AI tools can commit grammatical, punctuation, and contextual errors.

Therefore, you will need to read through every sentence to fix the mistakes before publishing your article to the world.

6- It Lacks Human Personality

This explains the need for proofreading and editing. AI writing tools often lack human personality, and understandably so because they are machines.

Unlike humans with wide knowledge and experience, AI writes only do what they have trained to do.

These tools may not bring out human emotions as a real person would. The content may be devoid of feelings that make your readers hooked.

7- It May Not Remember Your Readers

Whom are you writing for? Knowing your target audience will help you write a compelling and engaging piece.

Unfortunately, AI tools may write for search engines and ignore your readers. Therefore, it would be a mistake to copy-paste content from an AI writing tool without editing and publish them to your readers.

When you focus on your readers, you will likely improve the quality of your content and avoid potential Google penalization.

So, will AI writing tools replace human writers?

AI writing tools can’t replace human writers. Humans still have a great role in proofreading and editing content from AI writers. You will also need to include the human voice and personality in the AI blog post to make them useful to your readers.

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Best AI Tools for Content Writing

Here are some AI writing tools worth considering if you are a blogger.

1- Rytr

Rytr is probably the best AI blog writer for beginners. Its algorithms use historical data, thus allowing it to create compelling articles with the right style and tone.

This AI writing assistant will create your content in less than one hour without human intervention.

You can generate blog posts on various topics and niches, such as business articles, technology, travel, and sports articles. Furthermore, you can personalize content and check its grammar with ease.

2- Jasper

Jasper is the most popular and one of the best AI-powered writing software. It uses natural language and machine-learning algorithms to create blog posts, social media copy, and landing pages.

The software supports over 25 languages to create original content.

However, it sometimes repeats phrases or generates irrelevant content, hence human editing needs.

Now, if you want the best free AI writing tool, Jasper offers you a 10,000-word free trial version.

3- Articoolo

Articoolo is An AI writing generator with plugins that allows you to write blog posts from WordPress.

With this tool, you can expedite your article-writing process and summarization. Nevertheless, it may not favor non-WordPress users.

4- Surfer

If you do a lot of SEO writing, I recommend checking out this AI writing assistant. Surfer crawls the internet for ideas to help you generate raking articles.

Surfer also has an easy-to-use document editor that enables you to copy and paste content directly to your site’s CMS without reformatting.

Other benefits include planning your content, outline creation, editing, creating a directory of SEO writers, and instant keyword check on Google.

Bottom Line

AI writing tools are useful software that can help you optimize your content creation process. They can come in handy when you need to formulate an outline or experience writer’s block.

However, ensure you thoroughly edit and proofread these contents to make them relevant to your readers. AI writers can create blogs with grammatical mistakes and bad sentence structures, so ensure you read the blog posts with fresh eyes.


Have you ever used AI writing tools for your blog post? If so, which one? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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